Now I realize how each outfits their bike
is a personal decision, but I just wish to share with you some most inspiring creative ideas I recently
came much so that I'm going to do such with my
own bikes (hopefully it'll grow more and more, too).
I just saw some pics from the website of Aaron's bike shop in Seattle, WA, (great shop and staff)
click on products, frames/atlantis and scroll down
(and if has the normal gallery of owner's bikes.

Well, one really caught my eye: it was a stunning Rivendell
Rambouillet (lovely burnt orange) which was made even more so because it had matching coloured fenders ...the other was a (lovely cream coloured) Kogswell
also with matching coloured fenders....they both really looked SO nice, esp as the eye just drifts easily from one end of the bike to the other end... they
take on a nice unified quality to them!....

In addition, for more splendid and inspiring examples of each
have a look at the ''bike porn'' pics within Vanilla Bikes'(in Oregon)
and you'll see even more (high drool factor)bikes with frames/fenders
all colour matched
(click on 'frames' touring). In one pic Sasha REALLY goes the distance towards unity:
he outfits a stunningly lovely kiwi lime coloured touring bike (in the French style) with both matching colured fenders AND front rack AND handlebar stem! yet another there pic there is a burnt orange bike with the
handlebar stem colour matched, too....actually many of his bikes shown have matching fenders/frames/stems.
In yet another: Sacha does the reverse
(see 'touring', bike #3) he matches the front/rear
racks to the frame's colour but leaves some contrast with the fenders...COOL!

Is this what the other school of thought, ie, Mariposa, Herse, Singer
are getting at (in part) we every often hear about in the French tradition as the
'constructeur' (spelling?) approach to building a bike? Whatever it is, seeing such bikes has really
inspired me to consider this approach for my own Rivendells as I begin to build them up.
Lastly, Matthew (Kogswell), always helpful and supportive,
sent me some wonderful pics, too, of a matchedFrame/fenders
mixte and
And for those members who have colour matched their fenders
with their bikes, I would enjoy seeing some pics of your steeds
outfitted as such.
As always, forward your two cents upon seeing these pics.
Happy riding!