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    Is this the right bike...

    I'm debating on the quality of road bike I should buy. At first I wanted something descent but used, for the fact that I can still get a good ride out of it but when I lock it up I don't have to worry about getting it stolen. Unfortunetly even on eBay the used biscylcles are selling for much too much!
    So now I'm considering gettting the Tommaso Capri w/ Carbon Fork 2005 (Club Race). This seems like a very affordable bike considering its components and that its new!? Yet I wonder if such a bike is to nice to leave locked up? Do you think it'll get stolen if I use a U-Lock on the frame and a cable lock on the tires. Even if the frame dosen't get stolen are these components subsebtible to get stolen?
    I'm going to be attending college in Victoria, BC in the fall and I'm looking for a bike that I can combine as a commuter and as a sport ride. What do you guys think? I also know that kryptonite makes a NY Lock that is supposedly immposible to break. Will I need one of those or will a good U-lock do?



    PS you can check the bike out here:

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    The cheaper your bike, the less interest the thieves are likely to take in it. If they **really** want your bike, have enough time, and can work on it without others watching, there's really no lock that is safe.

    You might consider looking at out of the way places like police auctions and garage sales. You can often find BARGAINS for much less than e-Bay. I bought a full Shimano Bianchi at a yard sale for $5, including the touring panniers, fenders, water bottles, etc. Keep looking till you find something that fits. A second option is to watch at the end of a semester. Lots of kids are graduating or leaving and you'll find a number of bikes for sale cheap. Put a "wanted" ad on the school BBS and let them call you.

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