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Thread: questions!!!
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    silly, but important question. im 6'2" 200lbs, what size bikes will fit me? i think hearing that 59.5 and up? can some correct me on that? and whats the deal with wieght? im not really into newer frames, so should i worry about older frams not being able to hold me? or is weight carried in wheels?

    oh, and i got an old english three speed to cruise around on this weekend for 25 bucks, it works, but it is dirty as anything, suggestions for cleaning? soap and water?


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    For cleaning, soap and water is a good start, try not to power wash (high pressure) anything that may have grease inside (wheel hubs, bottom bracket, headset, etc). I use automotive chrome polish or alum polish for the metal parts. Some Simple Green or other de-greaser is good for areas of the frame that have caked on grease/dirt/grime.

    Can't be much help on the weight/side issue. I'm right at 6' myself but a good 25 lbs lighter. You can check out pictures of my two current ride on my website link below.

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