I've realized that while I hate to exercise, I love riding a bike. So I've decided to start riding more to get fit. My ultimate goal is to make a long charity ride next summer. I tend to do better with a large goal in site and I'm hoping that will be my major motivator to get on the bike and ride. I've been trying to find an AIDS ride but all of the information online is scarce. Between now and then I've got to get it together.

I happened to find a couple of sites that laid out some basic condition regimens and feel pretty settled on what to do between now and the end of the year to get in good enough shape to start training for a long ride.

Like I said, right now I'm riding a Huffy that I got for $10 on Craigslist a couple of summers ago. Please don't laugh... I realize that this bike is garbage and plan to buy myself a new one.

Here are my short term goals:

1) get into better shape by riding at least 3x week

2) start "commuting" from my house to the train and from the train to work.

3) build up to commuting to and from work (35 miles round trip).

Ultimately (this coming spring) I will buy a road bike as I'd like to start training for the century.

Today I looked at a used Gary Fisher Wahoo from 1998. It's at a bike shop in town and has been refurbished. I'd need to put different tires on it (it still has the knobby mountain bike tires) and it would cost me $160 total.

I keep hearing one thing to do is to get something with a good frame that I'd be able to modify, if possible.

I've checked out Fisher's site and of course they say great things about their bikes... Any thoughts out there? Will this be a good "get in shape/commute bike"?