OK, I updated my web page with my finished spreadsheet.

It has will log 2 different bikes as well as weather conditions and trail information.

I only put 2 bikes, because I only ride 2 bikes, and it takes a while to set up for this information.

I didnít put in Heart rate information, because I donít have a HR monitor, but if I get one, I guarantee that will be added.

As for Calories, I didnít know where to start. There are way to many variables for me to even think about. Climbing effort, outside air temp, as well as altitude and a number of other things can affect calories burned. I donít know enough about it, so I opted to leave it out.

Weight loss information was left out because I already have a diet spreadsheet, and I use it every day. You can download a copy of it from my diet page. I found it on the web last year, and modified it for my needs, I donít know who made it, but I thank them every day I use it.