ok, i posted yesterday re: which brand to buy. i think i understand comfort/quality has to be my priority!

i think i've looked at EVERYTHING!

my line of priority:
Jamis Aragon
Trek 7200 or 7300
Giant Farrago

I rode a Raleigh, and I rode a Cannondale. Didn't care for either of those. Frame just didn't "feel" quite right.

I *really liked* the Giant, but again, frame feel. 17" feels too cramped and 19" feels too large.

Trek was good. Got the reputation behind Trek, too.

But I think, from what I recall, Jamis feels BEST. I tested the 18" Jamis Explorer 4 (comfort). Loved it, but can't go with it bc I want the skinnier tires (hybrid). Jamis Aragon is avail. in 18.5, but would have to be ordered. I'd order in a heartbeat if I felt confident the 18.5 will feel as good as the 18".

Or, I could bite my lip and go with the 17.5 Trek. Felt good, Jamis at 18" felt better.

Of course these bikes are at different dealers!

I-yi-yi. I guess what I'm asking is this: would you mind checking the specs on these bikes for me and giving the lo-down. I want the BEST bike for my money.

If the Jamis Aragon is EVERYTHING the Trek is, I may as well go that route. Price is very comparable, and at this point I don't even want to quibble over a few bucks.

However, if Trek specs are BETTER, perhaps better is BETTER. You know, an ounce of prevention = a pound of cure.

Thanks SO MUCH for your help! I SO WANT TO MAKE A DECISION so I can get a bike and get riding!!