I discovered an area under the Top Tube on my Lemond Zurich that the paint has been rubbed off apparently by the little silicon rings they put on the brake cable. They put these rings there to protect the paint but in this case it did the opposite. Anyway it is about an inch to an inch and 1/4 long and about 3/8 of an inch wide.

It is in a location that you can't see without looking under it and I don't think it worked through the undercoat. Does anyone have any idea's on how to repair it?

I was going to use some real fine steel wool to smooth down the edges and then put some touch up paint on it. I don't have the exact color but no one will ever see it anyway. My concern is that the paint might start peeling away.

Will putting touch up paint on it prevent the paint from peeling or is that not a concern anyway?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.