I bought a new Park Tool PFP-3. The reason I had to buy one is the past few weeks I have been damaging the valves on my inner tubes when I air up the tires & go to gently pull the part of the pump that connects to the valve off, (I forget what it is called). The pump I was using I bought at least 8 years ago, maybe more from Target. This is when Target actually had some, not all, decent bicycle stuff before they went to the more cheap route they are at now. By that I mean a lot of their tools & such were fairly decent. In fact I still have & use the CO2 gun I bought from Target some time ago. Hasn't failed me yet, I doubt it will.

The part of the pump that connects to the valve kept getting stuck on the valve & it would take more & more force to remove it which would damage & eventually cause the valve to fail & tear away from the tube. So after replacing tubes over & over again because of this I bought a new pump today. Thankfully this one is completely rebuildable if it ever needs to be.

Anyone ever have a problem like this & had to replace their floor pump?