Supergo is having a sale in their stores, 25% off of a lot of stuff, but 50% off their self-branded hitch racks. Their 4-bike rack normally goes for $199; 2-bike is . . . well, less than that.

I picked up the 4-bike rack last night. It is pretty well done; they have a little "clincher" thing that reduces the rack wobbling in the hitch receiver that I thought was pretty clever. It has a fold-down feature so you can still get into the back of your rig (well, sorta -- it's not as good as those swing-away deals, but it also doesn't cost $400!).

Took me about 10 minutes to set up, required a few wrenches to assemble. It includes a locking hitch pin as well as locks on the bike clamps or whatever they're called, and a "stabilizer" bar on the bottom, you can run straps through there to keep the bikes from swaying around I guess.

Just thought I'd pass it on for anyone looking for a pretty good bargain on a rack, I've been waiting/saving for a while and this came along.

Also: I had to get them to take the 50% off manually . . . they had a sign clearly posted that said "Supergo Racks 50% off!!!" right next to the rack, but when I hauled it up to the register it only came up as 25% off. I told the guy about the sign, he went and checked, confirmed I was right, and took off the full 50%. So double-check, I guess.