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    One month ago....

    One month ago, i came to the realization that iwas *badly* out of shape and headed towards some bad things healthwise if i didn't change my habits....

    (i have a relatively sedentary job as a Mac repair tech, not much excersise during the workday)

    i got my '02 Trek 4500 tuned back up and started riding again, and realized how *bad* off i was, a 1 mile ride would totally bonk me out, but i kept at it, as i was having fun

    a couple weeks later, i revived my old Fila Taos rigid MTB and began to turn it into a pseudo-roadie townie bike (put on slicks, replace the busted Suntour cassette with a basic Shimano 7 speed

    i then discovered Singlespeed bikes, and began the plans to convert the Fila,

    by week 2, i was doing 1.5 to 2 mile rides with no problem, my average speed was 7-8 MPH, with bursts up to 15 MPH (mostly downhills on the big ring), i started bringing the SS to work so i could bike to pick up lunch, and to do a quick 1 mile ride around the block after work

    Week 3, i was up to 3 miles, and had converted the Fila to a SS via a Surly Singleator, i also discovered the fun of night riding (partly out of necessity as week 3 was a heatwave here in the Northeast)

    now, a month later....

    5.2 miles is my average after-work ride, average speed is 15-17 MPH, bursts up to 25 MPH, and tonight i crossed a personal milestone.....

    i didn't stop for breath *once* on the entire 5.2 mile ride (i usually stopped at least twice, at the crest of each of the big hills on the route)

    yes, i'm still out of shape, i know a 5 mile ride is nothing to be proud of, as it's really a nothing distance, but bear in mind....

    that a month ago, i could barely finish a 1 miler without stopping at least 4 times for breath
    the route i'm riding has some pretty steep hills i have to hammer up

    i've noticed an increase in energy, my clothes are starting to fit looser, and i've gone in at least 3 buckle holes on my belt, i may have to start punching more holes in the belt soon.....

    i can't believe how quickly i'm responding to biking, my strength and endurance are increasing, and i feel the pounds starting to drop away, i'm not in shape yet, but i'm getting closer, day by day

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    Wow, you've come a very long way in one month! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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    Nice. Everybody starts somewhere. You should read "Heft on wheels". I know you didn't mention that weight is a problem but either way, sounds like you know alot about cycling and you'd get alot out of this book:

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