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Old 08-17-05, 01:55 PM   #1
Thread Starter
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Home alone
Bikes: Trek 4300 X 2. Trek 1000, Trek 6000
Posts: 6,019
We've all seen several polls about how many bikes you own. Some people own a LOT! I only own four bikes.

Bike A: Grocery getter garage sale find. I hardly ever ride it. It sits on the side of the house. Nobody will even steal it.

Bike B: Entry Level Mountain Bike w/ knobbies. I ride it about 3-4 times per week out in the country on gravel roads. Usually on week day mornings before work. I ride it about 60-75 miles per week.

Bike C: Entry level Road Bike. I ride it usually on Fri-Sunday mornings. I usually ride about 120 miles per week on it.

Bike D: Entry level Mountain Bike with 1.4 slicks: It is doing occasional commuter and family ride duty right now. When Winter hits it will get the studs put back on it and used in place of Bike B when it is very cold and snowy out.

It would be interesting to see how others use their multiple bikes. Do most of them sit around gathering dust?

Do you have a favorite?

A step child?

How do you decide which bike you are going to ride?

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Old 08-17-05, 02:30 PM   #2
colinm's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Just under Minneapolis
Bikes: 1998 Stumpjumper Pro, SE Draft, 1984 Bianchi ATB, 1980? Raleigh Comp GS, Civia Loring
Posts: 873
A. Classic French 12 speed. Once a week around the block to keep it happy.
B. NOS MTB frame built to pull the kiddie trailer. 4-6x a week, several miles each.
C. Fixie, every other day or more, 100 miles per week.

Sold 3 others on the last 6 months to maintain WAF.

Fixed is fave.

No step kid, all loved / needed / rationalized.

I decide based on the situation - kiddo? MTB. Freetime <20 min? Frenchie. Fix for all else, just too much fun.
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Old 08-17-05, 02:51 PM   #3
Senior Member
Stubacca's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Oztraylya
Bikes: '03 Fuji Roubaix Pro; '03 KleinGi Attitude; '06 Soma Rush; '04 Surly Cross-Check; '06 Soma Rush; '07 Scott CR1 / Chorus
Posts: 2,677
1. Cyclocross / light tourer - set up with rack, fenders, lights for commuting, and also used for local errands / grocery getting. Slicks during the summer, knobbys during the winter. Not much ice here, so studded tyres would be overkill. 50ish miles per week in the summer, 100-125 miles per week in the winter. ('04 Surly Cross-Check)

2. Road bike - weekend rides, and summer mid-week commute, when I don't have much to carry and before it gets dark too early. 100-150 miles per week in the summer, 50ish miles per week in the winter. ('03 Fuji Roubaix Pro)

3. Hardtail MTB - ridden about once a month at the most, but handy to have. ('03 Klein Attitude)

Roadie is the favourite, but the commuter is the comfort and versatility king.
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Old 08-17-05, 03:04 PM   #4
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: SF Bay area
Bikes: Bacchetta Aero, BikeE, Bruce Gordon Rock n Road
Posts: 1,248
1. cyclcross Bruce Gordon Rock N Road
2. Bacchetta Aero recumbent
3. BikeE Grocery bike
4. Backup BikeE
5. Backup to the Backup BikeE.
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Old 08-17-05, 03:15 PM   #5
Dead Extra #2
Mostly Harmless
Dead Extra #2's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Sittin' on a bench at the railway station, one toke over the line.
Bikes: Giant OCR1, Giant ATX760, Raleigh Retroglide Seven
Posts: 905
My main bike is my new Giant ocr1 road bike. I'm putting about 120 miles/week on it. I only ride it for fitness.

My "second" bike is a 10 year old Giant ATX760 MTB. Use mainly for quick trips to the mini-mart or putting around with my girlfriend.

I love them both, but I am plotting to get a 3rd for commuting (that's my rationalization and I'm sticking to it!).
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Old 08-17-05, 03:20 PM   #6
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: calgary, canada
Posts: 575
1) Rivendell Atlantis tourer - current commuter and day tripper
2) Concorde Hardtail MTB - hasn't been out this year, I'm sorry to say
3)Breezer villager commuter with shimano internal 7 speed hub -regular commuter
4) 1982 Stumpjumper with Nokian studs - icy road commuter
5) Norco kathmandu MTB - lives in another province for weekend riding
6) Cambie Cycles Recumboni -LWB recumbent. Still new, I ride it when its not raining here
7)1981 Nishiki Landau road bike -needs an overhaul to be roadworthy
8) Rivendell Romulus road bike - belonged to the ex. For Sale
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Old 08-17-05, 03:33 PM   #7
MasterSezFaster's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Amongst the hills in So.Cal.
Bikes: Scott Gambler, Scott Ransom, Bianchi C2C 928
Posts: 391
Canfield F1 - DH rig - strickly used for dh not so much any more as it used to get used because most true dh courses around here are gone.

Bianchi Cal 8800 - xc rig - gets used about once every two weeks for a quick single track run. I do not race xc any more other wise it would see alot more action

Bianchi 928 - road rig - gets ridden 2 or 3 times a week

Foes Inferno - my allmountain/trail rig - gets used 3 times a week

Kona Stinky Primo - this used to be my primary rig until I got the Foes, now it onle gets used if a buddy needs to borrow a bike. I may sell it.

Kona Bear - wifes rig - has not been ridden in almost a year, she is having a hard pregnency this time so she has not been able to ride. The bike will get used again once she is able to ride after the babby pops out. Hopefully this week

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Old 08-17-05, 03:41 PM   #8
All Bikes All The Time
Sawtooth's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Boise, ID
Bikes: Giant TCR 0, Lemond Zurich, Giant NRS 1, Jamis Explorer Beater/Commuter, Peugeot converted single speed
Posts: 2,343
Early 90's non-suspended Jamis Explorer MTB with slicks, fenders and bar ends: Daily commuter, lent her out for 9 months and just got her back by trading for another bike.

2001 Giant OCR 0: Very fast road bike, some commuting especially on days when I ride road before work and then go in on the same bike.

2002 full suspension Giant NRS 1: I love this bike, ride her 1 or 2X per week. Outstanding climber. Very occaisional commuter.
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Old 08-17-05, 11:11 PM   #9
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: SF Bay
Posts: 505
1.ti cyclocross love the ride, but won't park it on the street. 1-2x/week
2.beater 80s touring any ride when i need to lock it on the street. 5x/week
3.touring 40-60 miles/day when touring, otherwise 2x/month grocery getter
4.mtb 1x/week

Funny thing is, i spent a lot on bikes, and i find myself riding the beater most of all because i do all my commuting, shopping, and getting around by bike. It makes me think i got too caught up in the desire to buy the 'perfect bike' (for me)
But now I'm torn because a part of me says sell #1 and replace it with a less expensive cx bike so i would feel more comfortable about parking it, but on the other hand i love the ride so much i can't seem to sell it.
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Old 08-18-05, 12:22 AM   #10
No longer in Wimbledon...
womble's Avatar
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Hong Kong
Posts: 867
Only two, sadly enough. I tend to be far too mobile to collect anything so bulky.

1. Old Cannondale FS MTB that was put together for me in Hong Kong. Then converted to a tourer for South America/Europe and then used as a commuter in Sydney.

2. Late 80s Centurion Ironman Expert. I've been using this to ride around Vancouver. It's a terrific bike but I'm regretfully leaving it behind when I leave the country in a couple of weeks

Next bike when I start working again will either be another vintage road bike, or a Santa Cruz Blur. Depending on where I live.
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Old 08-18-05, 12:23 AM   #11
Peek the Geek
is slower than you
Peek the Geek's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: WI
Bikes: Gunnar Sport, Marin Pine Mountain, Gunnar Ruffian, Gunnar Roadie, BMC Fourstroke, Salsa Vaya
Posts: 1,486
1. Gunnar Sport: Just got this one a few months ago and have been riding the heck out of it, 3-4 times per week. I love my Gunnar. It's shiny.
2. Marin Pine Mountain: Steel hardtail mtb. I look at it and think, "That's hot." Thanks to a bunch of new singletrack here in town I ride it at least once a week. I'm currently picking at some of the scabs this bike has played a part in causing.
3. Giant OCR2: My first road bike. It's my backup bike now. I ride it if the Gunnar is on the workstand. I'll sell it as soon as I get a carbon fiber "fast" bike.
4. Schwinn World Sport: I learned to wrench on this one, and it taught me to appreciate steel. Confiscated it from my wife, who got it as a teen and abandoned it in her parents' garage. Currently in the process of being converted to a fixie.
5. Trek 6500zx: I retired this mtb last year and just overhauled it for a friend who has expressed interest in buying it. I'll probably just give him the dang thing. (Interesting side note: Shortly after buying this bike I won another 6500zx at a bar and walked it home after several tequila shots in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. I sold the bike I won to my brother for a steal.)
6. Miyata something-or-other: My first mountain bike. This thing is old. Rigid fork. My at-school bike which I gave to my other brother for several years. He returned it, and it has been collecting dust in my garage ever since. I'll get around to losing it someday.
Proud supporter of the Chippewa Off-Road Bike Association (CORBA)

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Old 08-18-05, 05:54 AM   #12
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Willimantic, Connecticut
Bikes: '70s Puch sport tourer, '90 Peugeot Success.
Posts: 499
Both my bikes are used for utilitarian riding, business + pleasure.

91 Peugeot Success mostly upgraded to 105, Mavic Reflex SUPs & triple, alum. fork, etc.

70s metallic green Puch, model unknown tourer, upgraded mostly to 105, triple. Fenders, my wet weather bike.
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Old 08-18-05, 07:15 AM   #13
Unique Vintage Steel
cuda2k's Avatar
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Allen, TX
Bikes: Kirk Frameworks JKS-C, Serotta Nova, Gazelle AB-Frame, Fuji Team Issue, Schwinn Crosscut, All-City Space Horse
Posts: 11,483
2 bikes -

1) 1980 Schwinn Traveler - upgraded to 12 speed/alloys/105/downtube shifters. It's my first road bike and has gotten me hooked on steel frames. Ride it 3-4 times a week, ~70mi a week.

2) 2004 Mongoose MTB. Picked it up on the cheap at a garage sale when I was looking to replace my early 90's POS mtb (rigid Kmart special). SRAM 4.0 equipped FS bike with front disk, stripped most of the decals off. Ride this bike usually once a week on a local trail for about 20mi.

Pictures of both in sig.
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Old 08-18-05, 07:20 AM   #14
Senior Member
DieselDan's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Beaufort, South Carolina, USA and surrounding islands.
Bikes: Cannondale R500, Motobecane Messenger
Posts: 8,521
Cannondale R500: sport touring road bike, ridden almost daily. Use it for fitness training, charity rides, and an occasional race. Got a third place age group trophy last time I raced with it. Bought it used two years ago with supposedly broken brifters. A half can of WD-40 later, they worked like new and still do.

Diamondback Sorrento: entry level MTB, was my commuter before moving 40 F-ing miles from work. Goes out on light errands and will be used for towing a trailer, then a trailer cycle, when my baby gets old enough. I do take it to the a nearby state park and trail ride. I think it needs a new fork. Bought it new in 2001, but the only orginal componets are the frame, fork, and headset.

Specialized Hardroack Classic: step-through, no-suspension MTB. Why a step through frame? (A lady's frame for all you bike riders) You can't throw a leg over a baby seat! Found this jewel at a Goodwill store minus the chain. Just got it up a running good yesterday (8/17), and ran it hard for 17.5 miles. Put on a set of slicks and it rides better then I expected.

no name beach crusier: plain single speed, coaster braked crusier, with a handlebar basket, that just is used when I feel like a simple ride. Can't really remember how I aquired it.
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Old 08-18-05, 07:50 AM   #15
broke cyclist
zebano's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Bikes: Cannondale F400; 1979 Star
Posts: 134
1990ish? (Can anyone date Shimano Edge gruppo for me?) Trek 1000 used to commute and for longer weekend riding. Gets 100-150 miles/week in the summer.

2001 Cannondale F400 mtb: No single track in town, so it languishes in the summer, but used to tool around w/ friends, and has all my lights on it, so I ride after dark ~20 miles/week in the summer (more when the trek is in the shop). It gets studed tires and ~75 miles/week in the winter.
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Old 08-18-05, 08:05 AM   #16
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stella's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Souther NE
Bikes: 1960 Denelt; 1970ish Batavas (commuter); 1998 kona cindercone; colnago classic w/campy chorus
Posts: 206
1. colnago road bike: dream bike that I built up 4 years ago. Campy Chorus. ride 3-4 x per week. favorite b/c it fits like a glove and rides like a dream.
2. old batavus: commuting--will be using 5x per week during the school year. use 2x-3x per week to run errands. favorite b/c it cost $7 at a yard sale and I won't cry if it gets stolen.
3. kona cindercone mtn bike: recently converted to ss since rear derailleur was trashed. mostly technical riding, 2-3x per month, use in the winter to commute/run errands. favorite b/c I have a blast mtn biking (I've been mtn biking for 20 years, road riding has been in the last 8yrs)
4. denelt cruiser circa 1960--stays at the beach house, mostly collects dust but gets used when we stay there. The bike shop I worked at was going to trash it, I saved it and did some work on it to get it road worthy. I was also the only one in the shop this bike would fit (I'm short).
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Old 08-18-05, 08:22 AM   #17
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Victoria, BC, Can.
Bikes: '05 KONA Dawg Dee-Lux, '93 Kona Hei Hei
Posts: 4
1) '05 Kona Dawg Dee-Lux: bought in June after a 12 year hiatus from cycling. Disc brakes and full suspension totally rekindled my interest in riding even though I'm lugging around 30 lbs more body fat now
2)Trek 2100 road bike: Shimano 105, carbon seatstays/fork. This thing fits me perfect. I had a marinoni back in the day that I liked but it was relatively heavy. To a dirt rider like me this feels SOOOO fast! Bought it 5 days ago and am commuting or riding 10-120hrs/week minimum to develop a fitness base. FatBoy's in a hurry.
3)'93 Kona Hei Hei: Full XTR. Marzocchi xc400 shocks, ti bars & seatpost Was my racing dream bike back then. I love this bike. To me it's like riding a piece of jewelry. The drivetrain is worn out so it's "shelved" for now, but I will probably keep it forever. [B]
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Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: n.w. superdrome
Bikes: 1 trek, serotta, rih, de Reus, Pogliaghi and finally a Zieleman! and got a DeRosa
Posts: 17,702
1994 Jan de Reus
1990 Serotta
1985 Trek 670
1984 Trek 770
1975 RIH

I ride all of them, but the Trek 670 less than the others
as it's a bit small. The Serotta gets ridden the most
but the Reus is my favourite ride right now. I just need
to finish up a few details on it.

Sono pi lento di quel che sembra.
Odio la gente, tutti.

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Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Tracy CA
Bikes: Schwinn Super Le Tour, Specialized Rockhopper 05
Posts: 180
81 Schwinn Super Le Tour - commute several times a month
05 Rockhopper - commute almost every day 16 miles on knobbie tires for the exorcise

Looking to add two more bikes most likely a TREK 520 and perhaps a Chinese wrok bike just because.
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He drop me
Grasschopper's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Central PA
Bikes: '03 Marin Mill Valley, '06 Cannondale Rush, '02 Eddy Merckx Corsa 0.1, '07 Bottecchia Euro Sprint Tour Comp Elite Pro 1000
Posts: 11,433
I only have 3 bikes:

04 Slasa La Raza - Roadie, gets ridden 3-5 times a week.
03 Marin Mill Valley - Commuter, ridden 5-7 days a week to commute and do family rides with my wife and son
built in 05 SS MTB - well it was a project and got ridden about 16 miles (1 ride) and has just hung in the garrage since. Can't sell it and don't really have the urge to ride it. Oops.
The views expressed by this poster do not reflect the views of
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my58vw's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Riverside, California
Bikes: Trek 2100 Road Bike, Full DA10, Cervelo P2K TT bike, Full DA10, Giant Boulder Steel Commuter
Posts: 6,025
2005 Trek 2100
2001 Cervelo P2k (2005 build)

Both race specific bikes. I also am saving for a more "comfort" oriented bike (probably an OCR) for the long long distance stuff...
Just your average club rider... :)
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Jason Curtiss
Senior Member
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Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Houston, Texas
Bikes: Fuji Roubaix LE
Posts: 124
I have two road bikes of equal condition.

1) 1980 Schwinn Voyageur 11.8
2) 1982 Bianchi Premio

I alternate between bikes just for a change.

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Old 08-18-05, 10:49 AM   #23
cydewaze's Avatar
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Maryland
Bikes: See sig
Posts: 4,770
I own 5.

Scattante XLR

Jamis Dakar Expert
Trek 9700
AlpineStars AlMega

my bike page - my journal
Current Stable: Trek Emonda SL - Trek Top Fuel 8 - Scattante XRL - Jamis Dakar Expert - Trek 9700 - [strike]AlpineStars Al Mega[/strike]
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Join Date: May 2005
Location: Maryland
Bikes: See sig
Posts: 4,770
Originally Posted by my58vw
I also am saving for a more "comfort" oriented bike (probably an OCR) for the long long distance stuff...
You know you want it:


my bike page - my journal
Current Stable: Trek Emonda SL - Trek Top Fuel 8 - Scattante XRL - Jamis Dakar Expert - Trek 9700 - [strike]AlpineStars Al Mega[/strike]
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Packfodding 3
caloso's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Sacramento, California, USA
Bikes: Ridley Excalibur, Gazelle Champion Mondial, On-One Pompino, Specialized Rock Hopper
Posts: 33,461
A: '01 Trek 5200 (roadie). It's my race and hard training bike and it's ridden two or three times a week. Came with an Ultegra triple group but I upgraded this year to DA double.

B: '99 REI Novara Triumpho (roadie). Daily commuter and rain trainer. Ridden at least 5 days a week. Now has the Ultegra group from the Trek.

C: '89 GT Outpost (mtb). Super-heavy steel, all-rigid mountain bike that I rescued from my parents' garage to haul the kids' trailer. I think I may put baskets and fenders on it to make it more useful for errands and maybe a bad-weather commuter. I really, really hate to admit this, but I like this bike a lot because it has platform pedals and a kickstand (!).
It's just so Fred!
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