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    Trek 7200FX vs. Marin Kentfield

    After researching bikes and visiting several LBS, I've narrowed down my selection to these two bikes. Mainly because of price as I don't have a lot to spend right now.

    I'm looking at:
    Trek 7200fx (or if I can afford to step up to the 7300fx with disc brakes, I will) and
    Marin Kentfield

    I ride mostly for excerise and commuting. I'm looking for more speed than a comfort bike can deliver. I just recently bought a beater to handle short commutes. I ride mainly upright and only go low when I need to cut wind resistance. I hope to eventually add aerobars (and so I'd have to change the bar on the Marin).
    I haven't ridden either yet because neither shop had the model in my size. Both say they will have them next week. Both shops seemed knowledgable and have been in business for awhile. The Trek dealer is nearer to my house, but has worse store hours.

    I've heard a lot of good things about Trek, so I am leaning towards that one. But, wanted to get others opinions on either of these bikes.

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    I'd say both the Trek & Marin would be great. I commuted on a Marin Larkspur for about 10 months (then it was stolen). Ultimately it will come down to how the bikes feel when you test ride them. I don't think you can go wrong with either of them.

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