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    Road or Mountain or Hybrid or ... huh?

    OK - I'm a new kid, and see there are a lot of 'Im new help me' posts on here - but I have another 'new guy' question if ya'll don't mind.

    I've been running/racing (on foot!) since I was in 7th grade ... but my knees aren't doing too well with this and I'm hoping to do something a little less impact - so I decided to pick up a bike and start riding!

    What I don't really understand is what type of bike I want. I know what I wand to do - but it seems like most of the manufacturer's websites seperate things in to mountain, bike, or leisure (among the competitive categories).

    Well - all I want to do is get some excercise, so something preferably pretty quick ... but also be able to take it on some light trails if I wanted to - no drops or anything just like a path in the woods or something (not even rocky). Ultimately the bike might be used for commuting (I'm moving soon, but not sure where yet) so something for around town would be good - but not a priority at all.

    So from my limited experience, I am thinking between these bikes:

    Cannondale F300/F400
    Trek 7500 FX
    Specialized Hardrock

    Do these three even fit what I'm looking for? Am I missing the point of classifying bikes the way they are?

    Thanks for any help!

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    I think they are little mixed up. Probably hybrids are the ones fit your bill.

    You probably don't need knobby fat tires, which most mountain bikes come with(like Specialized Hard Rock). You probably don't need suspension fork if you stay on smooth road paved or un-paved.

    I liked the FX line of bike for the way you will be using your bike.

    I recommend you look into,

    Cannondale Bad Boy
    Specialized Sirrus

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