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    Two more BF members meet and ride :)

    Today was the SBL ride and picnic and I was happy to see and meet Hector (PrimalQ) and his lovely wife and three little girls (two are twins).

    It was a beautiful day and the temperature was just right. The ride distances were 12, 21, 31, and 47 miles. There were plenty of challenging hills and a few flat sections through the legendary "silk sheets" section of south Fulton County (south side of Atlanta).

    Hector and Jeff (another rider I met today) and I took off together on the 31 mile ride. We did ok (that is I did ok) until we had gone about 20 or so miles. That's when Hector and Jeff dropped me. That's OK Hector, I didn't want to hold you back. So I decided to ride with some others who came up from behind. I'm not proud. I'll ride with anyone.

    Anyway I saw Hector at the end and he said he finished about 5 minutes ahead of me. Don't know how. There were no tail winds. Actually no wind at all. I think he was being nice.
    No news here, I get dropped by younger riders all the time.

    For those of you in the Atlanta area, you missed an outstanding day for riding and meeting new friends and some fabulous food at the end.

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    Ron, I'm envious!

    But I had a great day anyway and met some wonderful people as well.

    Keep riding!
    No worries

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