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    I was once an ice cream vendor on one of these!

    Not identical, it had pneumatic tyres but broadly very similar. I had this job when I was in school during holidays once. In the morning we loaded up with dry ice and ice cream popsicles and pedalled around the neighbourhoods. It must have been like pedalling a beached whale, but I don't remember working very hard. Never got a flat.

    We used to ride around on 2 wheels a-la stuntman-driver style.

    Once when coming down the road at full speed ringing the bell, I misjudged the distance to the kerb and the front wheel rode up the kerb, nicely upending me in the road. The lid came off and ice cream popsicles skittered everywhere!

    Ahh, those were the days... the memory brings a smile
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    I remember seeing slightly more modern versions of those when I was a kid growing up in the UK in the 1960s. Anyone remember the Walls Ice Cream Jingle? - the slogan reminds me of graffiti seen scrawled across various condom-vending machines at the time "…Buy Me And Stop One…"

    Ah, those were the days!

    - Wil

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