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    Decent bike or not worth the money?

    Hey well I just found this bike on Craig's list and I'm not a big connoisseur of Bikes so I figured I"d ask you guys how this bike looks, my friend told me it might be worth the money but I'm still unsure, so here's the ad:

    The frame is a Raliegh C40 but that's all the Raliegh left in this bike. I built it up over the years with new upgraded components and stripped the frame down to bare aluminum to give it a nice shiny look (it's kind of dirty but a good wash and some steel wool would make it shine like chrome!!). Components are as listed:

    -Easton EC70 carbon fiber straight handlebars chopped for more aggressive steering
    -FSA Duron X cartridge bearing headset
    -New (less than 2 months old) Shimano crankset 22-32-44
    -Shimano road bike 7-speed cassette (Tiagra) 11-19
    -Terry saddle (not pictured but included)
    -Kool-Stop brake shoes
    -New(er) Shimano V-Brakes
    -Wheels have less than 4 months on them
    -Tires are in good shape

    It's selling for 200$, thanks for the help!

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    Since you don't "know" bikes that well why buy someone else's
    dream (or nightmare)?? Buy a non customized bike if you just
    want to ride. This is a case of " all that glitters isn't gold,
    fools gold glitters too."

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