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Thread: Old bikes
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    Old bikes

    I hope this is the right place to ask. If not I'm sorry and please advise the best spot to post..... There is a man who is selling 2 bikes that look like they have been well used. The first is a Rollfast I would guess around 40-60's. It has a tank between the top rails, long fenders, a torpedo light on front fender is Black with white trim, and a yellowish reflector with a red dot in the middle that is attached on back fender. he is asking 75.00. The second is a Schwinn Stingray, I would guess around the same time line. It's also B&W no tank and probably a little worse shape and asking 75.00. The questions I have 1 are these reasonable in price and 2 who made Rollfast and 3 is it worth anything. Thanks for any replys and hope someone may be able to guide me.
    Thanks, The pabikenut

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    Like any collectable...the question is...."Is it worth it to you?"

    I have some stuff that my wife claims is pure junk....most of the civilized world agrees, and I think the things are priceless.
    I can't ride and Frown!

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