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Jobs involving riding

I need some help brainstorming...what are some jobs where you're RIDING a bike most of the time? I'm excluding jobs like mechanic, bike salesperson, etc...because while you're around bikes, you're not actually riding them.

All I have come up with so far are the obvious ones, like pro racers (road, XC, triathlon), sponsored riders (for DH, FR, bmx, etc), and messengers. I'm trying to think of less obvious jobs where biking might not be the norm, but perhaps it could be worked in. Maybe gas/electric meter checker, if you're in a city where the houses are spaced apart, and the checker device just required a scan and not writing.
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What about a rickshaw rider?

Don't think the pay is very good though.
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Security. The airports have security cops on bikes inside the terminal, and there are non-cop security guys/gals who patrol the parking lots at the airport.
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Bicycle Tester - I call dibs on this job, so...

Scenic Photographer - Ride to pretty places and take pictures.

Short-Range Pizza Delivery. I say short-range, only because pizzas get cold and need to be delivered rather fast. Depending on how dense your area is, this might actually be better than a car, since you can probably weave in and out of traffic/residential areas faster.

Bicycle Cop.

Bicycle Security - I guess you would ride around in parking lots and stuff.

Mobile car wash. You would have a trailer with equipment (including an electric/gas pressure washer (hopefully lightweight!)) that you take around to local offices and businesses, and wash cars for the executives or employees. You might be able to set up a monthly/bi/weekly contract with local businesses and it would be a perk for their employees. You could do interiors as well. You probably would only be able to make about $15 an hour doing this, because you wouldn't make money while travelling. If you got a bunch of cars at one location, though, you could make more money, but that defeats the purpose of travelling on the bike.

Mountain bike tour guide... I don't know about this one... Seems like if a mountain biker needs a guide, then they are just going to be having frustrating technical difficulties/riding inability.

Mobile advertisement. You might be able to get a local business to pay you to ride around town dragging a custom trailer/billboard. You could have them pay to make you a jersey as well with their logo and such. You could combine this with a rickshaw thing. As a bonus idea, you could charge for regular rides, but any ride to the destination you are advertising would be free to the customer, and perhaps the business would pay you a commission?

Perhaps the park services (park ranger) have some opportunities for bike riders?

Ahh... Can't believe I forgot about this one:

Paper Delivery Boy/Girl/Person

heres another one..

Look around at your local grocery stores and other places that are similar. Try to find some of those locally printed magazines that list apartments, cars for sale and similar (like the "Thrifty Nickel"). Grab a few of them and make a call to find out if they need anyone to drop those off at the stores. You might be able to get work that way.
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The problem is that bike type jobs don't pay all that well... so you see few (if any) doctors doing house calls on bikes, or engineers riding between labs on bikes.

Now if pay is not your goal, go for the really fun job... personally I think leading tours on bike might be fun.

I was a Pedicab driver for about a year; actually the pay wasn't bad compared to say working fast food.

How about ice cream delivery like the old Good Humor days?

Perhaps your own business...

Or better yet... a job that might even pay well and get you on a bike... local government bicycle transit coordinator. I really don't know the pay, but larger cities have a "bike person" in their traffic departments... and certainly "taking to the streets" has to be one of their functions, eh?
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As others mentioned, bike security is good. I work at the Cincinnati Zoo and we have several bike security guards. They ride around on Giant Iguanas (the bike, not the animal) all day patrolling the park.
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