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    This could have been ugly

    The other night a friend came over with his Trek, we were going to put on his bar ends. While we were doing that he mentioned his cyclometer was way off, and was wondering if I could help with the settings. I told him we could get the settings from my favorite web page, and we jumped onto Bike Forums, and found a link to a link that had the settings.

    Anyhow we set the cyclometer, and I grabbed my bike to run as a pace to match speeds. I put on my helmet, and we set out up the road. I noticed my handlebars felt funky, and I told him I was going back to the house and check it out.

    When I climbed off the bike I definitely knew something was a skew, my handlebars would rock from side to side. I grabbed my wrench, and tightened up the adjustment which was VERY VERY loose. Now the last time I was riding I noticed a noise in the bars, but was too unconscious to put two and two together. Everything felt solid, but the bolt was extremely loose. I mean to the point that the angle adjustment could have rotated forward causing me to fall forwards into what I am sure would have been an ugly spill.

    I have since checked everything and that was the only thing loose.

    By the way his cyclometer is working again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigmark
    By the way his cyclometer is working again.
    You would have been able to find the distance, time and speed of your spill - a golden opportunity lost.
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