So last night I went for a ride just before sunset and saw a guy twice riding what appeared to be a hard-tail mountain bike down a MUP. I was on the road and going the opposite way on a big loop at a fast pace, so didn't get a good look. I almost turned around the 2nd time though.

Anyway, the frame looked to be a neon green to dark green fade of some sort, and in the lower light it was glowing like you wouldn't believe! Could see that thing from a long way off! I was very impressed, and hope to see him again so I can figure out what bike it is. I might like one.

Anyway, anyone here maybe know what company makes/paints this frame? Sorry for lack of info....

On the off chance the rider posts here, or someone knows him. I was riding in Minneapolis, MN on the East and West River road area between Ford Parkway and the U of MN.