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Thread: Saddle Sores
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    Saddle Sores

    I have had trouble with pimples forming in my crotch area and getting sore and finally infected. Has anybody else had that probloem that knows of any solution?

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    I have other skin problems, my skin is extremely sensitive. I would suggest for the current problem to use an ointment like neosporin w/pain reliever. This will get rid of any infection and heal it quickly.

    For the future, any galls (welps, kinda like diaper rash) use Balmex (the best) or Desitin (both found in the baby aisle). They keep a protective barrier on the wounded skin and allow it to heal usually overnight.

    To prevent any of this, see the post about Butt'r. The butt'r will really help prevent any irritation as it sounds as if the pimples are caused by friction.

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    Bad get rid of the boils, you need to stay off the bike for a few days. Keep them clean. Treat them with antibiotic ointment. If they don't clear up, see a doctor. Boils can be lanced and steroidal ointments can be used to treat them.

    If you MUST Ride, get some moleskin, or Dr. Scholl's corn pads. The corn pads have a hole in the middle. Moleskin you will have to cut into a donut shape. Put them around the boil to relieve pressure on the site.

    A boil is an infection of a hair follicle. To prevent them in the future, reduce friction by using Chamois Butt'R, Chamois Creme, or something similar. Don't use vaseline or anything like it. Petroleum Jelly clogs pores, traps bacteria and doesn't allow your skin to breath. Cleanliness is key. Get out of your wet shorts immediately after a ride. Wash your saddle area thoroughly. Swab the area with rubbing alchohol to toughen the skin and kill bacteria.

    Honestly, I think some of us are more prone to these saddle sores than others, but most everyone will get them some time. They are a painful annoyance but not a reflection on your moral rectitude or physical hygiene.
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    To start, welcome to the forums.
    I'd suggest an antibacterial soap such as
    Hibiclens (sp?), Phisoderm, Povodine etc. You should
    be able to find them in a pharmacy.
    wash the area thoroughly after any ride.
    Hot baths (as hot as you can stand) help.
    If they get bad enough some type of drawing salve
    will bring the issue to a head (no pun intended),
    and it should resolve itself, if not go see a Doctor.
    Saddle Sores can get really nasty, to the point of
    requiring surgery to excise the area (ouch).
    I agree with Redhead that some sort of lubricant
    (chamois Butt'r, Assos Chamois creme, Bag Balm etc.)
    really helps to lessen chaffing which can lead to saddle
    Next big question, what kind of shorts are you using?
    Get enough pairs that you NEVER have to ride in a
    pair that you've worn and not washed.
    Saddle changes don't really apply here (at least I
    don't think they do) since this isn't a pain caused by
    saddle type of sore.
    and if you can, take a few days off and let yourself heal.
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    I solved occasional follicle infections by being obsessively clean.
    ALWAYS wear clean short (no underwear).
    I will often have a wash before a ride and always after a ride.
    Use an antibacterial soap.
    Wash your shorts as soon as you take them off.
    In warm sunny weather, dry the shorts in natural sunlight, the UV will kill off any bugs which survive washing.

    Make sure your saddle and position is comfortable and does not put pressure on any parts not designed for sitting on.

    To treat infected follicles, I used to dab them with VERY hot water, with a few drops of a herbal disinfectant (hyper/cal tincture). Do it until it hurts, then grit your teeth a bit more. If it hurts you, it will do some real damage to the bacteria.

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