ALright heres the deal. Some friends of mine thought it'd be funny to throw trash into my car (really dumbass jocks who are funny) Well since I have the most easily accesible car ever (Jeep Wrangler with the soft-top on) **** keeps ending up in my car. So **** that has happened to my car, this is in a 4 day period.
1. Wendy's trash being thrown into my car
2. Brownie being smudged on my winsheild, and driver side window
3. Fries put on the softtop along with pop being poured on the side
4. Tomatoe on the antenna
5. Bag of crushed chips put on my back seat, along with the rest of the brownie.
I know it seems simple right, knock the **** out of their cars right? Well, in HS don't you all remember if a popular kid dislikes you and he is a pyscho he can make your life hell.

I know everyone who has done the stuff. No secret. Now normally I am a passivist, but obviously this is wayyyyy too much. If I turn them into the cops, get the ***** reputation. Now seeing how I am not big, I can not physically threaten them, and if I do **** to their cars its garunteed to come back 3 fold.

All of this was unprovoked. But I have the most recognizable car in the parking lot. And I am decenltt popular. I don't feel like camping out by my car all day, everyday.

Got any ideas?