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synchronizing breathing, heart-rate, cadence

I've found that if you can synchronize breathing, heart-rate and cadence, something magical happens. Say your cadence is 120 your breathing rate is 60 and your heart rate is 120, they all have a "common denominator" and everything comes into synch. If anyone has ever played music with others, you'll have had a similar feeling. anyone else experience this? Another technique is to combine mashing and spinning into a cadence that goes something like "mash-spin-spin" start with the right leg then repeat starting with the left.
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I'm not coordinated enough to rub my tummy & pat my head let alone try to coordinate cadence, heart rate & breathing!

I prefer to just ride.
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I know some of us MTB'ers call it "in the zone." Now, we don't try to coordinate anything, it just happens.

Also, we runners get into this zone too. We get to where we have a very fast "race pace" that seems like we can just go on forever, but at the end of the race we almost collapse of exaustion. It's kinda the perfect performance area to get in.
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Old 10-09-05, 04:00 PM   #4
synapses firing
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back when i was a runner & now that i am a cycler i have always breathed in rythm with my cadence. 1 in 1 out, 2 in 1 out, 1 in 2 out, 2 in 2 out, it all depends on how hard im working. at the same time ill breath a song while im pedaling to help take my mind off the pain when im going real hard. dont know if im in unison with my heart because ive never had a HRM.
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Back when I used to run I had read that exhaling on a foot-fall was significantly more jarring than inhaling. One of the elite triathletes had apparently decided to adopt an odd sequence so that exhaling foot-falls would alternate regularly between feet. He felt it prevented skeletal injuries during ultra-distance races and workouts. At the time I had been having a recurring problem with my right knee. I tried out his theory and was amazed to find my problems completely disappear. Later, during the early part of a marathon (when I was running slower than normal trying to get miles in the bank) I had adopted an unfamiliar breathing sequence. I started to have a little pain in my knee and suddenly realized the sequence was actually doing an exhale foot-fall on the same foot repeatedly. I switched over to the other foot for a while, then back to a more familiar alternating sequence and the pain went away.

Ever since then I've used a breathing cadence and it has carried over to my bike workouts as well.
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Breathing and it's rhythm is exceptionally important. I recall newbies in Tae Kwon do who would start sparring and hold their breath practically, a big no-no. I'm almost of a mind that rhythmic breathing will help automatically sync the rest during biking.
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Old 10-11-05, 07:44 PM   #7
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A 120 cadence at 120 bpm? What team do you ride for?
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When I get into my 'zone' I find that my breathing syncs in with my cadence, my HR varies from low 130's to about 155 as I vary my intensity.
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Old 10-11-05, 10:54 PM   #9
You need a new bike
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Originally Posted by $h@wN
I've found that if you can synchronize breathing, heart-rate and cadence, something magical happens.
It's called 'resonance' and will cause you to violently self destruct.
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That darn Yankee
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I would thinkthat would be a very difficult thing to do and would make cycling very boring if you had to concentrate on every stroke and every breath. I'm trying to increase my pull and I sometimes makes cycling a pita. I'm not sure if that is why I've not ridden much in the last 2 weeks or if it is just general burnt-out.
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You are thinking too much. Relax. Keep your hands, arms, shoulders, and neck loose and relaxed. Pick up your cadence but remain smooth. Let your mind wonder. It all comes together if you let it. And watch out for that tree!
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I'm not that good but find playing with biofeedback is very entertaining and keeps my mind engaged.

Also, I can manipulate my HR up or down ten beats a minute while other variables stay the same rather easily with my mind. I have noticed that, for sure. Also, I can do the same with my BP at rest, so, I am not surprised at the notion that a trained athelete could manipulate his vitals to some degree and find a slight advantage in some pattern.
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