I travel frequently with my S&S Coupled bike. I always worry that the TSA will open the case, and not pay much attention to closing it correctly, leading to damage from improper packing or from the top being forced closed. How do people approach this, either with coupled bikes or non-coupled bikes in regular-size cases? The last couple of trips I have waited around the security area so that I could intervene if they are screwing up, but so far I've been lucky and the case gets x-rayed and hasn't actually been opened. Part of the problem is that they don't like crowds hanging out around the TSA station and they have the attitude that the officials know what they're doing and people don't need to wait around. I've stuck around anyway. S&S does make a sort of net to keep everything together, but I imagine if the TSA wants to look in your case they'll really want to look around and the net may either get in their way or annoy them. What about putting a note explaining what's in the case, that it's very delicate, and that the owner is close by to help them go through it if needed? Thoughts?