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    No sign of fatiuge

    My wife and I went up to Big Bear this weekend so she could take a dh clinic but thats not what I am writing about. While we were there they were having a mtb century. At the end of the day we were kickin' back at a friend place and ( might spell his name wrong) Rishi Gerwald(?) walks by. My friend is good friends with him so we started talking. Found out he was in the race and took second to Tinker Juarez(sp?). We were amazed. He showed no sign of riding 100mi. If he did not tell us he was racing we would have never been able to tell. I know that if I tried a century at a race pace and at altitude I would be dead at the end of the day. When I see some one like that it makes me wish I had the time to train to be in that kind of shape. He said that he has a total of 270 hours of racing this year. That does not include the hrs of training.
    That just amazes me.
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