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    Yes, I want a recumbent. I test rode one quite a while ago, and fell in love immediately, even though it was not completely adjusted to fit me.

    I'm telling ya, this thing was comfy! Man, I thought I was ridin' in an easy chair! My position, sitting only slightly reclined, was perfect for seeing everything, including the sky! And it felt so natural. Talk about cruisin'!

    Whether you ever buy a recumbent or not, you HAVE to test ride at least one.

    Just think about all the wild eyed stares I'll get when I get my recumbent (some day) and start riding it to work in traffic...whooooooo! Ya, it's me!


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    I was over a friends house and got to sit on one but did not take it out for a test drive. Some people swear by them. Let us know if you get one.

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