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Thread: Schwinn Sierra
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    Schwinn Sierra

    Looking at a new bike to replace Wal-Mart bike that is two years old and I do ride. I ride three to four times a week around 15 miles trips. In my area there is a Pacific distributor that has return bikes and they go over them for problems then resale them. They now have a new/ reconditioned Schwinn Sierra GS 21" that is priced at $220.00 with a MSRP of $329.00. They do fully warranty the bike.
    I'm 50yrs old ride mostly rails & trail or black top roads. Just looking for your thoughts and suggestions about the prospect of this bike?

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    Sure, why not? Assuming you've tried the bike, and it fits you, and you like it, how can you go wrong for $220? (I pay almost that much every month just for car insurance!) It would be a definite step up from your Wal-Mart bike, and even if you ride it for six months and decide you don't like it, you're only out a couple of hundred bucks, and nothing says you can't buy something fancier later.

    The 26 x 1.9 cruiser tires ought to be good on the trails, and they'll be adequate on the blacktop, too--not fast, but adequate. (They'll probably "sing" a little on pavement--like the tires on SUV's.) The other components aren't top of the line, but they're not bad, either--and again, you're only paying $220.

    So I'd say if you like the bike, buy it.

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