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    35th HillyHundred Photos Its hard to catch the feeling of the Hilly on film, but heres a few shots of this GREAT event. Over 5,000 cyclist of all levels.Roadbikes,touring,hybrids,mountainbikes,recumbents and the ones that impressed me the most- handpowered.Saturday was a choice of a 40 or 50 miler,Sunday a 30 or 50 all on Bloomington Indianas backroads.Not real big hills but some are STEEP ! Bikeman spotting me on the ride was great.We were sporting our BikeForums jerseys trying to hook the masses on BF.You had to look quick at Bikemans jersey,he dropped me like I was a rolling billboard which I guess I was :confused:
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    Originally posted by hillyman
    Roadbikes,touring,hybrids,mountainbikes,recumbents and the ones that impressed me the most- handpowered.
    I, too, was impressed by the guys on the handbikes. Did you see the guy riding one barefoot with toe-puppets on his feet?

    Originally posted by hillyman
    Not real big hills but some are STEEP !
    Ah! The magic of glaciation.

    Originally posted by hillyman
    We were sporting our BikeForums jerseys trying to hook the masses on BF.
    I'm sorry I missed you both. It would have been good to say "hi" to some fellow BikeForumers. It looks as though we may have been standing close to one another at Aaron Lutze's exhibition.

    You neglected to mention that the weather was magnificent!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, Hillyman. It was a great great event.
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