The 2002 Niterider Evolution which has a simple 10w head is much, much brighter than the fancy 15w Digital Evolution. I switched batteries to see if that was the problem, it wasn't. I also tried changing bulbs because I had a spare 15w spot bulb, no difference.
Has anyone else experienced problems with the 2002 digital models? I'm not impressed with them. I'm thinking of exchanging the digital 15w model for a non-digital and changing the 10w bulb to 15w.
Just got back from LL Bean. Compared a new 2002 10w Revolution ($150) to another new 15w Digital Revolution ($229) using two different fully charged batteries. Same thing, the 10w Revolution was much brighter than the more expensive 15w Digital Revolution. In addition, one of the lowest models on the product line, Trail Rat 10w was even brighter!
I have also compared the new 15w Digital Revolution to an older 15w Digital Nite-Owl model. The old 15w Digital Nite Owl is also much, much brighter than the new 15w digital model.
Has anyone else out there have any info to add? If you have only owned a new 2002 Nite-rider 15w digital you may never know the difference until you compare it with others. The Fife