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    Knee Diagnosis Help?!? (Long, sorry)

    Premptively: I am out of town, and cannot see a Dr., because my insurance doesn't cover Dr.s not in their system as it is not an emergency. I will see a Dr. when I get home.

    About a week ago I went for a 50 mile (mid-range for me) ride, spinning about a 115 cadence around 18-19 on the flats. Pretty typical, laid back ride for me this time of year, just working on cadence/fluidity.

    Well, at about mile 38 I proceed back home (inland) and the temperature drops about 15 degrees suddenly. My legs "freeze up," so I basically try not to push it, and just make it home slowly.
    The next day on my ride my knee starts killing me around 5 miles in. I turn around and go home.
    Same thing the next day, but not as bad, so I figure I could just use the couple days of rest. I wake up the next day and feel great, so I go on a ride. I get about 15 miles from home (and about 3K feet of climbing), and it starts to hurt VERY badly. Feels like a mix between extreme pressure inside my knee, a very bad charlie horse inside my knee, and like my fibula/tibula (sp?) are attached to my knee joint about 15 degrees too far inward.

    The knee has been killing me since. Looking at some anatomy books I'm 90% sure its an ACL problem, but there was no "pop," or sudden pain. My best guess is that when it got cold it tightened up and tore, then on the subsequent rides I demolished it (yes, I'm young and stupid).
    1) Does this sound possible?
    2) Has this happened to anyone else?
    3) What did you do? Is my cycling career over?

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    See a doctor.

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