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Old 10-15-02, 03:32 PM   #1
The Fife
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What is your worst accident?

Just curious about what your worst accident has been and what
you could have done to prevent it?
My worst accident was the very first time I rode a bike. I was 6 years old. Went off the road and hit a wooden barrier cutting my chin. Have had a few spills since but thankfully that is still the worst. I could have prevented it by never beginning to ride.
The fife

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Forced off the road by a car that blew a stop sign! Planted my knee into the pavement at about 25MPH... 400 (give or take) stitches later I was practically good as new! Back on the bike after about 10 weeks. No racing that year...

Originally posted by The Fife
What you could have done to prevent it?
At that precise moment??? Would've been nice to have the ability to fly!
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Without a bike?
Running from a hill, falling on broken glass resulting in an operation to remove a piece from my knee (they told me I was lucky as I could loose the ability to bend my leg forever). I was about 6 years old and I clearly remembered arguing with my mother that day. She wanted me wear long pants, I insisted on shorts and won.
On a bike - falling at 0 speed on my elbow 30 meters from my house when I almost passed out from pain (hit the nerve ending). I was a lame rider that time.
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Mister Slick
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Slamming into a jogger at night about a week-or-so back.
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My husband bought me a new mtb as a suprise, but I was too sick at the time to ride it or anything. Then as I'm feeling better we charge out the door to a local mountain for some single track action. As I was closing in on his back tire I braked to prevent hitting him. I flew over the handlebars down a hill side. I put my arm out and literally folded it in two above the wrist. The bike landed on the other side of a log with my foot still in it. I could no longer rotate my arm (after it came out of the cast) so I had an inch of bone removed from only one bone (can't think of the name of it) then a screw was put through both bones for support. The whole process took about a year. The good news is I have full motion in my wrist now, but only one complete bone. I'm always worried about the next time I land on it. It's made me appreciate my road bike!
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Nefarious Reprobate
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In 1986 during a race, I comminuted (pulverized) my right collar bone, broke my right scapula and two ribs.

In 1988 during a final sprint, I broke my left scapula and two ribs as well as waking up in the hospital not knowing my name, my childs or what day it was. Oddly enough, I knew my wife's name and what city I was in even though it was 50 miles from home.

In 1989, broke a couple ribs in a downhill pack pile up.

1n 1990, broke my right scapula again.

In 1996, crashed on a downhill at 45 + mph and couldn't see out of my left eye for several minutes not to mention the worst road rash in my life.

Don't let anybody ever tell you racing is a healthy sport.
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To make a long story short; I hit some loose pea gravel, the bike went out from under me and somehow I got stabbed in the upper thigh by a brake lever. Stopped at the store and got some peroxide and bandages, patched it up rode 30 miles. Got home took the bandages off and the puncture started bleeding again, made a visit to the emergency room.
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All this blood and carnage is making me queasy.
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It tastes like burning!
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This happened 6 weeks ago. Ran over a sandy patch on the shoulder of the road. I lost traction and I ran off the side of the road into the grass. Put down my left hand to break my fall, fracturing a bone in my wrist (ulna styloid process). Things I could have done to prevent it: I was looking down because I was trying to concentrate on my pedaling. I could have avoided the accident if I'd been paying full attention to the road. Now my wrist still hurts (this being important to me because I play guitar), and I need to do PT for 3 weeks, with the future of my guitar playing still uncertain.
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In January I ran off a sidewalk on my brand spanking new road bike. The wheels caught on the edge of the concrete as I tried to get back on. 3rd degree AC seperation. After 2 months of PT I'm about as good as I'm gonna get. I have a "trigger point" that spasams especially after long rides. I have a funky hump on my shoulder, and I can't keep my bra strap up on that side. :irritated
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Once, when I was about 13 I was riding to a neighbors house with my siblings and a couple of our friends I decided that I would show off and ride with no hands. I was doing fine on the straightaway and then we came up on a turn and I went into it full speed with no hands but didn't turn quite as fast a I thought I would, I hit a bit of gravel on the side of the road and I bet you can guess the rest, and me being the inteligent child I was of course didn't have my helmet on. My head hit that tar and chip like a bugonawindshield. I was instantly knocked unconcious, and suffered severe concussions.(sp) I was rushed to the emergency room but I had severe bruising on my brain, and they could not relieve the pressure fast enough, I slipped into a coma later that night. Three days later I slipped away from this world, moved to that big, pedestrian free bike path in the sky.
I like it better here anyway. :angel:

March 31, 1984-August 14, 1997
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I have yet to break any bones, but the worst road rash I got when I was 8 or 9. I fell and had a huge bloody scrape on my left shoulder. It became a giant scab. I can still see the scar! I can't remember how it happened, for the life of me. As for my life as an adult, I don't race so all I've ever had are the usual road-rash type of things.
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Bike Shop Girl
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On road: Training ride.. first rain in awhile. I was three people from the front and it was starting to really pour. A driver crossed over into the shoulder where we were clipped my bike and a fellow teammate. We both went down.. if the road rash wasn't bad enough my team mates bike flew up and landed on my shoulder cracking the collarbone

On mtb: Going downhill I popped a couple spokes and taco'd the wheel.. lost full traction and did a horizontal slide down the hill.. clipped in and what nto.. Only to go bottom tube first,wheels straddling into a tree.. broke 3 fingers and thought I tore my acl from being clipped in that whoel time
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Fool O' crap
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Two years ago, in Rossland B.C., I was on a trail called the "Heamatoma". It was steep and rocky, with a bunch of huge natural stunts. The first major obstacle was a granite chute, about 35 feet, with a bit of vertical in the middle. I dismounted, walked down the side, found a good line and climbed back up and rode it - no problem. The next one was a bit smaller, maybe 25 feet. As I approached the top of it I thought "this is smaller than the other one, no sweat". What I didn't see was a 7-foot drop at the bottom onto extremely rocky single track. About half way down I started sliding, let the brakes go to straighten up, and shot off that drop at very high speed. Landed good, but got thrown off line by the rocks, and head on into a tree - Chipped four teeth, concussion, and a compression fracture in the lumbar area of my spine, also plenty of bruises, but because of all the pads I was wearing, not a scratch on me. Shattered my helmet into 7 pieces, broke my headset, the left dropout on my Jr. T fork was three inches in front of the other, and my rhino lite was taco'ed so bad that spokes were shoved through the tube. It took about 2 months and I was riding again – except, now if I haven’t ridden it before I walk it first.
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I have been riding for years and never gotten so much as a bad case of road rash. I can go several years without a fall and I do a lot of miles. I guess it finally caught up with me January.

I was riding with a couple of guys I knew but not that well. We had done 50 miles of a 70 miler. I had just come off the pull at 21 mph. Well, the first guy decided to show us how strong he was (yeah I had been doing most of the pulling) and cranked it up to 25 mph. He skimmed next to a pothole and did not say anything. The next guy said "pothole". I was screened out. I felt my handlebars twitch and felt an immediate impact and then was off the road by about 10' in the grass lying on my side. I had gone over the bars. Landed on my right temple (shattered the helmet) then landed on my ride shoulder and broke my scapula (shoulder blade), my clavicle (collar bone) and my ulna badly in two places right in the joint (large bone of the upper arm). The elbow required surgery and I have a 4.5" wood screw in there and the bone is held together with a wrapping of wire. My elbow gets sore on rides and the longest I have done since has been about 63 miles. I could probably do about 80 but a century is still not quite there. The helmet worked great though. I did not even have a headache. Oh and I also shattered a molar - right side upper.

I later related this account to a racer friend and he said "Those 2 guys would not happen to be "x" and "y" would they?" I said that they were. And he replied "oh, you don't want to ride with them". Oddly enough they both appear to be competent right up until that moment they do something stupid. I know some other riders who are much more goofy but they are less dangerous because I know right off not to trust them.
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1985 I was riding with only shorts and shoes and was engaged in a race with my friends. I had the lead, but tried to bank a turn on the street too sharply, hit an oil slick and turned myself into ground beef. But it wasn't as bad as...

1996, when I was turning into my own gravel driveway (how embarassing) at a high rate of speed. There was a car parked behind a van which was normally parked there...I tried an emergency high-speed turn on the gravel. It didn't work out. I went over the top and broke a few ribs.

I had two more this year I could have prevented had I been more focused on safety rather than speed.
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Well, I just had MY worst accident- yesterday!

It happened at an intersection which I hate anyways, because it has traffic in three directions, but it's just before we turn off to an access road where there are no cars. The intersection has a red flashing light which means a stop sign. It was very busy that time of day. Matt went through, and signaled to the cars that we were crossing, so I went. But the car at the stop sign accelerated and knocked me off my bike!

To make a long story short, I now have a broken bone in my right hand (pinky), as well as several huge bruises where I landed- back side, ankle, elbow and inner thigh (from the saddle). But yes, the bike is okay- just a wobble in the rear wheel. The driver? When he saw I wasn't dead or paralyzed (I jumped right to my feet after being hit) he split.
You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. That's great...if you want to attract vermin.
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Wabbit, I do hope that you are okay! My recent accident pales in comparison, where I just flew off a bump into the road onto the ground at 35kph. I just wound up with a hurt right knee and a stream of blood flowing down my left knee.

Did you get a make, model, year, liscence of the car?

Last year, I was hit by a car that did the exact same thing, as soon as he saw me stand up he split (from being stationary in the distance).

I don't quite understand how somebody can just drive off after having obviously seriously hurt somebody.
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