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Old 12-31-05, 12:54 AM   #1
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Fender Question for a Comfort Frame


I'm quite new here but I'm wondering if any of you guys have any expereience on stainless stell fenders being mounted on so-called comfort bikes (mine is an older[circa 2001-2002] SC30 Raleigh comparable to this one ). I'm basically looking for the european look(the commuting/urban kind, not the racing/road one) so no plastic fenders for me. I've been to numerous bike shops here and its quite frustrating that they havent been able to help me(I live in San Diego, rain is hardly a problem here).

I will probably resort to ordering them online but seeing that i am new to cycling, I'm not sure if the
Berthoud or Hojo fenders will fit. I know my tire size(26"X1.95") but I'm not too sure if they will mount correctly. I also read that you need to drill them, and if so, can my bike shop do this for me?

I know this is alot of questions so forgive me and thank you. ciao
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Interesting links… the fenders look nice and not all that expensive, considering. I looked at the specs for the Raleigh bike and it does say that there are fender mounts on the frame – that’s what you need. Also -- you will need either 26" x 40mm or 26" x 50mm -- the 50mm ones are wider – I’m guessing you’ll want the narrower ones.

If you want a shop to install them, you probably should buy through them. I’ll bet that if you call a few shops, you’ll find one that will be willing to do this via special order. And ask them which size will be best – after looking at your bike.

I like having at least one bike with fenders – after a rainstorm it’s nice to ride on the wet roads without all the spray.
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Plastic fenders are pretty universal in Europe. The silver SKS chromoplastic ones look quite classy and come in a variety of sizes. They have a layer or Al between clear plastic.
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Old 12-31-05, 07:12 AM   #4
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Installing fenders is a "time and materials" labor job. There is no way to predetermine what is going to be involved. You might get lucky and find a set of fenders that will bolt up without any modifications, but I doubt it.
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I know from my own bikes that Berthoud and Hojo fenders are not just bolt on and go, holes have to be drilled, sometimes spacers and angle brackets have to be fabricated. sometimes you have to "reshape" the fender a bit. If you find a shop who knows what they are doing they will likely charge at least $70 since this is a 2 hour job to do right. I have SS fenders on 2 bikes, I love them but they require extra caution and effort not to get damaged. On my every day and touring bikes Planet bikes Freddy Fenders rule.
Planet bike also has them in a Titanium/grayish color that looks pretty good I think is the website.
If you want to look euro/retro there is also silver Esge/SKS fenders which have been very popular in Europe for a long time .I just installed a pair on my wife's bike because she carrys her bike inside her car and didn't want the SS fenders tearing the carpet and upholstery
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Thanks guys. I've been calling around again(a couple bike shops here were closed until today) and they basically don't have the fenders I was looking for. My fave bike shop did say that they might be able to help me if I give them the url of the site I was talking about and the installation. One bike shop also suggested I use beach cruiser fenders, but I found them too big and too wide.

The ironic part is, I was going to go in person and give them the url, etc, today and take my bike in(I can't use the car, I drive a classic mustang, it doesnt have a rack and I cant afford to have the interiors scratched, its all original) and mother nature decided it was a good time to shower us, of all days.
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