I'm sure I missed some type of bike in the Subject line...

In despair over painful trainer rides this winter, I took the stock Selle Painmaker saddle off my CF / Steel LeMond Zurich (blue / clearcoated CF) and mounted my Honey, Copper Railed Team Pro from my touring bike.

It looks awful. Color, size, etc. No OCP status on the bike now. (not that I belong!)

Pain is gone. Numbness nearly gone (a bit more tweaking of the fore - aft and I think I'll have it!) I've gone from needing to stand after 1/2 hour to getting in a full hour switching between the hoods and drops without thinking about seat pain!

I'm thinking about a black Swift or Swallow for the LeMond. (or maybe get a black Team Pro, and mod it?)

You have pics? I'm wondering how it looks... and I'm wondering which model you use with bars lower than the seat. (2" or so?) Is there a model with stainless or non-copper colored rivets?

Oh, and post your cutty / modded / laced Brooks shots too... as I'm also considering that. (or link this to other threads.


(yeah, ridicule me for being interested in how it all looks... I'll put one on here anyhow - just looking for options!)