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Old 10-25-02, 01:28 AM   #1
Jubalayo Unogwaja!
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What's your pets names?

Someone told me the other day that we have silly names for our pets and once we explained how they got their names, we got this puzzled look and a shake of the head that suggested we are beyond help. That got me thinking of an idea for a new thread. Here goes:

We had two dogs in Jo'burg. Both were Belgian Shephards. The male, was called firstly Max, then Mr.Wiggie, then Mr.Bigoldi, then Max from Harrogeb (Harrogeb is the reverse of begorrah and he used to make a grunting noise that sounded like begorrah). Eventually he was Max when naughty, but affectionately was always known as Mr.Golly. The female, Sasha, when she was a pup, used to make a funny oof, oof, oof sound when you played with her, so she was always known as Le Hoofie. Sadly, Mr. Golly had arthritis, and Le Hoofie had cataracts. We had both faithful friends put to sleep when we came to the UK as they'd probably not have survived the 6 months quarantine.

Our two cats did survive quarantine and they are with us now. The elder, Samantha, for some reason is known as Fuddy (pronounced woody but with an 'F'). The other, when formally charged, is Jessica, but she became Bean (she was a skinny kitten), then Gertrude (we don't know why) and now she's known as Bertie. This comes from Bertrude (formally Gertrude) and she is quite a 'rude' cat and she looks like a 'Bert' as she quite a portly lady now.

Now you can see why we got such odd looks. It's all very logical once you understand how.

What's your pets names and how did they get them?
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The Flying Scot
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We have 2 Hungarian Vizslas. The oldest, now 2 and a half and an elegant 4 and a half stone big rangy people loving hound is called Bosley because his face was very wrinkled as a pup and he looked like the actor Tom Bosley (Howard Cunningham), who happens to look like my father!!

Bosley is shown as a pup on my avatar.

The second, an eight month old , rabbit chasing, tail wagging dynamo is called Hobbes after the stuffed tiger in "Calvin and Hobbes". It took us a while to name him, but it suits his personality.

He is shown on this thread

Hobbes at about 10 weeks old.

He's a lot bigger now.!!
plus je vois les hommes, plus j'admire les chiens

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My pet is called Nishiki, because that's what is painted on its frame.

To err is human. To moo is bovine.

Who is this General Failure anyway, and why is he reading my drive?

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xc AND road
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Rocky is our Jack Russell Terrier. . . 6 mos. old.
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2 kittens - sisters - Cadence & Velocity
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I have a little kitten (or rather my brother does), she is a Tabby name Java (after the programming languauge, which in turn, is named after the coffee)
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RAGBRAI. Need I say more?
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Shar Pei- Indiana Jones
Dalmation- Moose
Countless fish-
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German Shepard bought in South Africa: Sassy because
she is. (original call name Stacy, doesn't fit)
Cat #1 Spiff (from spaceman spiff) due his propensity
for bouncing around rooms.
Cat #2 Voldemort (yeah from H. Potter) because he is
the evil one, in fact he's not really a cat he is a lesser
demon from the 3rd circle of hell.
Sono pił lento di quel che sembra.
Odio la gente, tutti.

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hehe...He said "member"
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Dogs - 2
Jesse - Keeshond, 9 yrs old
Brandy - Flat Coat Retreiver orphan 2 yrs oldish

Cats - 0 (thank goodness )
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Our yellow lab's registered name is: Lady Sierra Morgan of Altera.

Sierra for short. We decided on "Lady" because she thinks she's royalty, "Morgan" well we both (my wife and I) liked the name,(and the drink) and "of Altera" meaning of all terrains. Because she comes with us wherever we go!

I call her princess or precious sometimes.

She doesn't know she's a dog sometimes. She thinks she's human. Probably has something to do with the way my wife treats her. We also call her "our first born child".
"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, "WOW, What a Ride!" - unknown
"Your Bike Sucks" - Sky Yaeger
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hehe...He said "member"
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What is it with the goofy names people give thier purebreed dogs.
My Keeshond's AKC registered full name is...
Jesse, Dutchess de Barge.

A Keeshond person would get it right away.
They used to be called "Dutch Barge Dogs", hence the Dutchess de Barge thing.

Goofy, I know
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Richard D
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(see Jungle Book)


(after a series of Children's books)

Little Richard

(named by the work colleague we had him from - a cynical ploy to persuade me to take him on)


(don't know - we adopted her when relatives went abroad)


(don't know - we adopted her when relatives went abroad)

The goldfish/chubumkins in the ponds don't get named after my wife got worried about my obsessive counting of them...

Currently riding an MTB with a split personality - commuting, touring, riding for the sake of riding, on or off road :)
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Elis Abeth (my middle name is Elisabeth, but the dog was a boy) He's a mutt.
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Old 10-25-02, 11:19 AM   #14
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I've got 2 black cats named Theodore and Beauregard. Each has an array of nicknames:

Theodore: Tee, TeeDee, TeeWee, Weezer, Weezie, WeeWee, Wee One (see the progression?)

Beauregard: Beau, BoBo, BooBoo, Bozer, Bozie, Fruitcake (That's my son's special nickname for him--long story there!)

My son and I LOVE our two cats. We've had others in the past, but these two are the most special ever. We've had Theodore since he was a week old (had to bottle-feed him because his mother abandoned him) and I swear, he doesn't know he's a cat. Beauregard is his brother, and we were finally able to catch him and his mother (after we got his other brother and sister--they were all strays) about a month later. They're both 10 years old now.
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Old 10-25-02, 02:05 PM   #15
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My wife and I have a 6 yr old Samoyed named Murphy. She was 2 when we adopted her so she had already been named. We were told her she was named Murphy because her original owner, (we are her 3rd or 4th, and last owners), loved the show Murphy Brown. We have come to believe it is because of Murphy's Law.
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Old 10-25-02, 04:20 PM   #16
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A rottie named Bienna. I have no idea what it means. The breeder (in broken Czech) told me, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. Bienna answered to the name, so no reason to change it.
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I have a basset hound named Homer (as in Homer Simpson)

and yes, he does like beer.
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Old 10-25-02, 04:42 PM   #18
Posts: n/a
I've been without "Mr. Bear Von Rott Hund" for awhile now... commonly known as Mr Bear. Always neighborly to those with friendly hearts. Went every where with me. And, is in my thoughts everyday.
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Old 10-25-02, 05:05 PM   #19
Nefarious Reprobate
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We once had two registered Oriental Shorthair cats; Their fancy names were Aero-Bi-Kia for the female and Velo-Sportique for the male. Their everyday names were Kia and Teke.

BTW, anyone old enough to have seen the movie _Logan's Run_, knows that cats have to have their fancy names and their everyday names.
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Originally posted by WoodyUpstate
Rocky is our Jack Russell Terrier. . . 6 mos. old.
Looks like he really appreciated being woke up for the picture huh!
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cat #1 is jack.
he's a bit of a jerk, so in defense I'd call him the best cat in the world, and it's how I got my username (goodcatjack.)

cat #2 is audrey.
it's the name she had when we got her from the big house (the adoption place) and it sorta seemed to fit. she's half-feral and very shy.

cat #3 is molliver.
she just showed up at the front door one rainy day, soaking wet, and when I opened the door she flung herself through the opening, meowing like crazy. I picked her up and was immediately struck by how she seemed to look like a friend of ours, Molly. something about the shape of the eyes. anyhow, I had a moment of doubt when I thought she might have been a guy, so I named her Oliver after the orphan in the book, but when I finally realised she really was female I just tacked on the M at the front. so, Molliver. she's an even bigger jerk than jack, so it makes for some interesting spectating when the kitten chases the big 17 pound tabby guy around the house.

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Jean Beetham Smith 
Slow Moving Vehicle
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My current dog (see avatar) is Alice, named for the a character in my first reading primer. My cat is Leo, because anything else would just not suit him. The other cat is Muffin, named by my daughter when she was 8. Finally, there is Dan, he came with the name.
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I am a lonely visitor
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Originally posted by Trsnrtr

BTW, anyone old enough to have seen the movie _Logan's Run_, knows that cats have to have their fancy names and their everyday names.
Anyone who read T.S. Eliot knows that cats actually have three names.

Click here to find out what I'm talking about.

I have one RegularCat. Her proper name is Cricket. She came from the shelter with that name.

Her everyday names: Cricky, Wicky, Pooper, Poo, Pie, and CrickyPie. Aren't cat nicknames awful? EDIT: I've listened to myself talking to the cat for the last few days and discovered that I also call her little girl, fuzz ball, and punkin. I have to quit now, I'm making myself ill.

I don't know her third name.
Religion is a good thing for good people and a bad thing for bad people. --H. Richard Niebuhr

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I had a black lab named Toby that died roughly 1 1/12 years ago. Best dog I have ever had. Whenever I think of him I just wonder why dogs can't live as long as we do.

My other dogs name is Cosby. He roughly has 3 trains of fhought, food, ball, sleep. You really can't expect anything more of him. But I cannot deny that coming home to a happy dog is always nice.

But honestly, this dog really cares about nothing else. He is funny, but dam is he greedy.

But Toby on the other hand was completely compassionete. He was always there for you, weather you were sick, or injured. Or if you just wanted to pet him. He was always happy, and always wanted affection. Also he was extremely emotional. Dam I miss that dog.
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Now another thought comes to mind. Never name your dog something you'd be embarrased to yell so the whole neighboorhood knows their name.
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