I have a set of Lew Wheels, which I loved when I first got them in Oct. 2000. They are carbon rims with three groups of four spokes in the front wheel; four groups of four spokes in back. (I think they were called Tri Quad Wheels). After riding them for about 4 races, the wheels were warped (larger at the places where there are no spokes, smaller where the spokes are). By that time, Lew had sold out to Reynolds. The Reynolds people offered me a deal on buying a new set of wheels (tried the wheels in race - didn't like them). I've tried loosening the spokes to see if the wheels' round shape would return. It didn't. Different people have tried to true them. Result: they roll straight, but the bike goes up and down on the warped wheels.

I paid quite a bit for those wheels. I hate to throw them away. Is there any hope? Any ideas of a way to revive these wheels?