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    My Good Deed for the Week(made some money as well.)

    Today I was about to go out on a ride when I hear a knock on my door, the person that lives across the hall told me he was having problems with the rear shock on his new bike, and he asked me if I could take a look at it, go across the hall to see that it was a FS Wally Mongoose which the rear shock was blown out big time, oil all over the place. Told them there wasn't much I could do with this problem. I reccomended him to go to a lbs and get a used bike. He insisted on keeping this bike. I told him that I'll replace the rear shock since the stock one off my Warp was recently replaced with a Romic DS shock. I sold him the stock rear shock for 20 dollars plus $10.00 labor to replace it, he had to clean up the mess though. So that should hold him until he can purchase a used bike. That was my good deed for the week.
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    That qualifies as a good deed in my book! Wish there were more people like that out there!

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