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Old 03-22-06, 04:38 PM   #1
Mostly riding...mostly
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Nashbar Screwup, i never....

First let me say, I'm a good customer, really and truly I am. I canot BELEIVE how much patience i have expended on these people. And I am SOOO fed up....I'ld have canceled the order days ago if they didn't have BY FAR the best price on a compact double crankset, wich I badly want.

So. on Friday, 3/17/06 I Gathered all the part numbers for the items I wanted and called them. Gave them all the part numbers and my credit card number, and a coupon code from this forum for 10% off and all that stuff. experation date, back of the card code everything. She gave me a confirmation number and said i'ld receive an e-mail with a tracking number.

By Monday mid-day I had no tracking number. So I called to find out why? The lady (and I'm wishing I'ld written down names of everyone I talked to) said that I wouldn't be getting a tracking number as I'ld not payed for 2nd day shipping, and that further more there was a problem with the transaction and it had been denied. I asked her why and she said "probably because the credit card number or something was entered incorrectly. So...I whip out the credit card, ask her to upgrade to 2nd day (she said this was the ONLY way for me to get a tracking number...and on a $150 order, i want a freakin tracking number...) anyway...she gives me a new total and says they'll put it through right away, she double checked all the numbers i gave her before she sent it through and that was that. I thought. She said I'ld have a tracking number by Tuesday morning.

Tuesday: Check e-mail at 8:30, no tracking number, 9:30, same, call them. "well, i'm showing that the transaction was denied again, you need to call your bank" At this point I should say that this account is a seperate account I use, segrigated from my regular bank accounts to pay for bike parts, and order things off the internet/ebay. I don't want it linked to my main account for the obvoise reason that if hacked they could pull out all my money...

so, I call my bank and ask them what they see on their end and they say "well, it looks like they had something incorrect, possibly the exp date or the code from the back of the card, and when that first transaction went through, it put a hold on your account, and now they keep trying but with the hold there isn't enough funds in here to let it go through (I keep a low balance, just move over what i need to spend) well, funds are low this time of month in general, so transfering over more money is not an option for me. The bank tells me to have nashbar fax them a letter on company letter head that this ammount should be released.

I call nashbar back and explain to the next person I get that i'm a little frustrated, and concerned i won't get this order by the weekend and can they take care of this? i have a fax number etc. "no problem, i'll have the lady that handles that call them" "you don't want the fax number?" "Nope, she'll just call" OK, can you just call me back when it's all taken care of, so I can get a tracking number and be assured all is well, "certinaly sir" takes down my number.

no call

Wednesday morning. I call FIRST FREAKING THING to get the ball rolling AGAIN, the first lady I talk to is sympathetic says she'll take over the paperwork to the lady right away, and have her deal with it and call me when the hold has been cleared. 11:30, nothing, call them back "oh well i'm sorry sir, but that lady is out today, i'm not sure who can take care of that" WHAT THE!!! I want my parts! "I understand sir, i'll find out who needs to do this and i'll give them the information. this time i MAKE the lady take down the fax number, and verbage the bank needs to see. she'll get this taken care of and call me back. assures me that the package can still go out today, 2 day, and i'll have it in time for the weekend (got some big hills to climp and that compact will really help...i hope :-)

3:00, oh hell no they didn't, call them again, "what's up" "excuse me sir?" oh, figured you'ld have me pegged as a problem customer by now and have been warned "oh no sir, but how can I help you?" "Well, i doubt that you can, can I speak to a manager?" "well, i need to look at your order first and try and help you" ok, tell me when your done reading "give her confirmation number" "oh wow, let me see..." yea, they need to send a fax, have they done that? "no...doesn't look like it" can i speak with the person capable of doing that? "let me find out, hold on"..................."sir, our person is on the phone with your bank right now, and they won't release the funds untill we send them a fax" NO WAY!!! I TOLD YOU THAT ON TUESDAY MORNING!!!!! "yes, i'm sure you did sir, but we still need to send them a fax" can I hold while you do that? "sure, please hold a moment..." waiting......."sir, we've sent the fax" "ok, i'm going to call my bank now, will YOU hold?" yes....i get in touch with bank "yes sir, we have the fax, but now we have to send the fax to card services, and it will take 24've GOT to be kidding me.... "OK, thank you" switch back to nashbar "are you there?" yes "ok, well, it's going to take 24 hours to release the funds, will you be willing to upgrade to overnight shipping? "yes we can do that sir, but it still needs to clear" yes, i'm aware of that, just want to confirm you'll overnight it so I can have it this weekend still.

yes, we can do that. i wait for the bank (not their fault) and STILL not a "i'm so sorry you've had all this trouble Mr. Inglis or "this never happens Mr. Inglis" or NOTHIN....GAAAAHHHHHHHAAARRRRRRRR i could give a **** when the parts come at this point, though i DO want them for the weekend, it's the fact that these people are incompatent! I really think this may be my last order from them. My first order wasn't shipped out in a timely manner, and wasn't that great a quality anyway...Pricepoint is much faster, has almost as good a prices, and i've ordered from them a half dozen times with no problems.

just had to vent, i know many think highly of nashbar, but at this point...they will be my last resort.
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Nashbar customer support is definitely sub-par. I hate how when you order multiple items, and one of them is not in stock (it supposedly was when you ordered), they just automatically remove that item and ship the others without even notifying the customer! If one item is out of stock, they should call us and give us to option to 1.) ship without the item 2.) cancel the entire order or 3.) wait until it's in stock before shipping, to save on shipping costs.

I've had plenty of band experiences with Nashbar. But many times, their prices are unbeatable.
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New Orleans
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Yikes,that sounded like fun!
I have ordered from nashbar for 30 years on and off;I think they originally were bikewarehouse or something like that.I have had good luck-no problems over the years-maybe 50 -70 orders or so.
Your CC is some sort of debit card?Once wrong info was sent thru the bank's anti fraud system kicked in and made them jump thru hoops?I've never had that problem,but....fingers crossed.Luck,Charlie
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I order from Nashbar a few times a year, but never if I need something fast. Fast is not something they do. I live within 200 miles of their shipping depot and I've never gotten anything in less than 6 days (though to be fair, never more than 7 either).

Actually over the years I have learned a lot of patience. I never pay for anything more than minimum shipping; I figure "in 2 weeks I'll have it either way, but if I pay for the fast shipping I'll be in the same position but $15 poorer.
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Sensible shoes.
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I agree with ItsJustMe: Nashbar doesn't do fast.
Originally Posted by cedricbosch View Post
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Originally Posted by cedricbosch View Post
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Tips for Nashbaring:

1) Web Orders only: I noticed that ALL of my web orders went through fine, but only half of my phone ones have.

2) Only buy in stock items if possible

3) They usually ship the day after you placed your order, ship accordingly.

4) FedEX, at least the one in my area sucks....if yours is as bad, expect to go pick the item up at the drop depot.

5)Enjoy your parts.
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I've used Nashbar a few times and frankly it is not just them. Mail order or more accurately "Internet order" is just not gonna happen fast. If I "want it now" I go to a brick and mortar shop and pay their price... Instant gratification "tax," but hey, I can look at it, hold it and buy it on the spot.

If you want to save money, fine go ahead, but saving money and expecting fast, good service usually don't go hand in hand.

Good, fast, cheap... you can have any two. Good luck.
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Old 03-22-06, 06:58 PM   #8
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Can I add my Nashbar experience? Mine also includes the post office. I ordered from Nashbar the first week of March. On Mar. 7th, I got an email telling me my items shipped via USPS which doesn't include a shipping no. After a week, I wonder what's taking so long so I called Nashbar to see what was taking so long. They tell me shipping takes 7-12 business days and if I haven't received it 12 business days from the 7th, to call them back. A quick look at the calendar reveals the 22nd as the 12th business day.

Well, today's the 22nd so I check my mail as usual and find a package slip dated 3/18, that they put in my mailbox today, that they tried delivering the package, but since they couldn't deliver it, they sent it back to the sender on 3/10, three days after it shipped orginally. I ride to the post office, present the slip and the mail guy looks at it and says it's probably been sent back to sender. Before I can ask why they didn't notify me until 8 days later, he says he'll go check. After a couple minutes, he hands me my box from Nashbar.

So I don't know who messed up although I'm thinking it's the post office, but at least I got my stuff.
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I have never had a problem with Nashbar , MANY with Performance bike.
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Nashbar has always done everything I've asked. If I need the shipment all or nothing, I add a comment in the notes section to cancel the order if not everything is in stock. They have only canceled one order. Returns are hassle free, good prices, and decent quality items. I'm sorry about your issues.

Time to Ride...
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Old 03-22-06, 09:14 PM   #11
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Why do some people manage to bring up prices? Practically every internet dealer will price match or even go lower.
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I discovered nashbar and performance, after getting back to biking some 5 years ago. I have made at least a dozen large orders and have had no problems that wasn't resolved quicky. Can't beat their prices. As a rule, with most companies, I usually excalate complicated problems to a supervisor who also is authorized to give a credit.
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I have ordered from Nashbar in the past (before Performance bought them), and had no problems.
But, I have found, that if you want good service and reasonable prices, seems that Jenson is hard to beat. Did have a problem once with a Manitou fork I ordered from Jenson, and it was handled very efficientlyl and courteously. The only reason I wouldn't use Jenson first is if they did not have what I needed.
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nashbar tried to rip me off once. and all of you numerous times....

I went to the store to buy some stuff. I had an ad which
stated such and such items was 25 bucks. I go to the store and
every item is labeled 28 bucks , except I looked real hard
and buried in the pile was one item marked 25 bucks.

I tried to buy the item and they say it was mislabeled and
they wanted me to pay the 28. I said no way what a rip and finally
they said ok pay 25. so i did and left.

next day I just wander in, and the pile is there, and guess what ?
one of them was stuck back in the pile at 25 bucks, the rest at
28 bucks. seems for them to advertise an item they MUST legally
have at least one item at that price. so they bury it hoping no
one comes in the store to actually get a deal. they will charge the
full 28 without telling the customer they are really 25 bucks, unless
the customer find the hidden one. I checked the whole store
for crap like that and found dozens of items all overpriced by 2 or 3 bucks
from what the print media says it cost, and the buried or last item
on the rack was marked correctly at the lower price. leaving the unsuspecting
walk-in consumer to miss out on a better price.

an organized deception plan if
I ever saw one.
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Mostly riding...mostly
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Update: Had a really good ride to my wifes work from mine yesterday, followed by excellent Mexican food, and a good nights sleep :-) I'm in a better mood this morning. I Checked my bank balance online this morning, looks like the full amount is available, so my bank was faster than they thought! I called nashbar, confirmed that the order is marked for overnight shipping, and reconfirmed my visa info, waited on hold while they ran the order all the way through, the lady said there were no problems but could still not give me a tracking number untill it had gone through shipping, but that I could call later today and they'ld have one for me. She said it is marked for overnight and I WILL have it tomorrow, and said she "was sorry for all the mess" I guess that's a good enough aploligy for me...assuming my order arrives tomorrow that is :-)

Thanks for reading my rant, sympathising with me, and for the others that posted positive feedback about nashbar...that's good info. Makes me less scared to order from them again in the future, and I think I'll do it online as some have recomended, with notes about out of stock items etc...., that's a deep rabit hole...I only deal with them online or over the phone, so...I get the prices on their web page :-)

I'll let ya'll know if I really get the package tomorrow or not.
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Hmm, I have been ordering from Nashbar and Performance for years, all via the web, and have never had a problem. Often, they are the only feasible source to find something that the LBS do not carry, including the local Performance stores. And when you shop the sales, the prices cannot be beat.
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you know, I've never had any problems like that with my LBS.

Sure I might pay a bit more, but LBS try to price match
as much as possible.
Shipping (and upgraded shipping especially) usually makes up the

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i don't see how most of this was nashbars fault. if i worked at nashbar, i would be pretty pissed at your bank for having to jump through hoops.
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Well, I ordered from Nashbar, and waited the week for goods to arrive. Bars look great. Fork has big dent in it. Call support, and they say that I can order a new one and return the old one. Looks like I will be paying an extra $15 in shipping. I ask about that, and they say that they have no provisions for it unless I want the whole process to take several weeks. I find that lots of things that I order from them are crap, so I try to minimize my Nashbar orders, but sometimes, they have something unique. Their prices are so cheap, that you can't really complain too much.
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I'm waiting on an order that was supposedly shipped March 13. Called today and they said to give it a couple more days. I'm a little ticked, we are coming up on three weeks to get a couple items!

First time I've had a problem. Maybe something happened in their shipping department?
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Originally Posted by MERTON
they've always been very responsive to me... sometimes i had to jab them a little (when asking a techinical question)...
I shudder to think of Merton asking a technical question.
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I do the same, I put money into an account just for online purchases. I ordered shoes and pedals, then called the same day when I realized I ordered one size off. Instead of changing the order, they refunded the first and tried to run it again thus tying the money up. The second order didn't go through. Took me a while longer before I finally got to ride. If you change an order, ask that they not refund it.
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I don't know if Performance and Nashbar use the same shipper but I ordered something on March 14 and hadn't received in the 6-10 days like I should have. I called on the 11th buisness day and was told that one of their shipping companies, APX, had gone bankrupt and that my package may have been resent but they didn't know for sure. I was told to call back the next day (the 12th day is when they consider the package lost). I called as instructed and they sent my order to me with 2 day shipping. I should get it Monday. I'm a little surprised that they don't even know if my original order was resent or not. I also feel that perhaps an email should have been sent to all folks whose order had been sent through APX to explain the delay.

I go to the LBS here nearly every weekend to buy things but there are some things I just can't find in town. I've looked for size 14 cycling shoes here in town and have even tried to order some through a couple shops with no luck. They just don't seem to want to go through the 'hassle' to place an order for me. I also paid almost half as much for my new shoes from Nashbar than I would have been able to get them for locally.

Joe C.
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I also ordered something on the 10th of march and it "supposodly" shipped on the 13th. I too had to wait 12 business days before they reshipped. I complained enough so they shipped the order next day air. They also gave me the story about their shipping company going bankrupt. It seems to me that if they knew the company went bankrupt and things were not getting to customers they should have reshipped the first time I called and not made me wait until the 12th business day.
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Originally Posted by dlavi
I also ordered something on the 10th of march and it "supposodly" shipped on the 13th. I too had to wait 12 business days before they reshipped. I complained enough so they shipped the order next day air. They also gave me the story about their shipping company going bankrupt. It seems to me that if they knew the company went bankrupt and things were not getting to customers they should have reshipped the first time I called and not made me wait until the 12th business day.
Same story here. Parts still not here after business day 15. They will get a call from me tomorrow and hopefully I'll get it shipped 2 day or faster. And I also got the story about one of their shippers going bankrupt. I agree about the lack of forethought on Nashbar's part by not sending out emails to everyone who was involved. I think they owe us something in return...maybe a nice little coupon to use at our leisure. I'll definitely shoot them out an email expressing my unhappiness. I've traded with Nashbar for over 20 years and this is the first problem I've had. And their (and Performance's) $8.25 charge for USPS shipping is OUTRAGEOUS! I can ship things USPS Priority Mail in 3 days compared to their USPS Ground at 7-10 business days. Rant over.
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