I purchased a reissue Raleigh Chopper new a little over a year ago and have been riding it regularly. The other day I noticed that the seat post seemed to be loose and squeaking. Looking closer I discovered a crack in the frame where the seat tube is welded to the top tube cross plate. The seat tube is not far from total failure. I attribute the failure to two things - the Chinese aluminum frame (originals were steel), and a change in the design of the seat from the old banana-style seat with three points of support, to the new single seatpost / backrest design.

The kicker is that, when I checked the fine print in Raleigh's warranty, this bike frame is not covered by any warranty. The only small-wheeled bike frames (<26") covered are steel frames, and the only aluminum frames covered are big-wheeled bikes (> 26"), so it seems like I'm SOL.

It's too bad, because this is (was ) a nice little riding and performing bike. But with a lifespan of only about one year, and no warranty coverage, I wouldn't replace it or recommend it to anyone at this point.