I am looking to get a Trek 7.3FX or 7.5FX. I have tried out both and I like the feel and fit of both. I don't mind spending mroe money on the 7.5FX...but I just don't know if it's worth it or not? The components are a little better and the wheels are the lower spoke count...I believe 20 or so. I will be doing mostly road and bike path riding on packed mostly level paths. I wanted to option of riding on grass or little rougher trails but I know the fx line probably isn't the greatest for that...maybe with some slightly fatter tires with more tread on them...but I don't even know if I will go off road at all so I have my mind kinda set on the fx line. So all in all I'm just looking for some advice on which to get or any other opinions on this. Thanks for any help!