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War Stories...

(Well cycling stories actually)... I was just wondering how many of the more experienced cyclists make serious judgement errors from time to time and which has been the worst incident in your experience? If anything, just make others aware of what could happen. Plz fess up.

My worst:-

Everything happened so fast & unexpected that I'm still not entirely sure if this is accurate but...
riding a claud butler vuelta 2 years ago: I noticed the road ahead was blocked by bank holiday traffic. Rather than opt for riding on the outside, I chose to cross what appeared to be a gently sloping grass embankment. The grass looked short enough and on the other side was a quiet country road. I started to plough down the embankment at around 15 mph but the slope became much steeper than anticipated, the rims/pads were getting soaked from all the grass dew. I started picking up speed rapidly & the grass was much denser than it first appeared.
Hidden in the middle of this grass was this long forgotten half-immersed rock. Just when I was right on top of it, I tried braking (without any luck) and managed to swerve & flick the frame away just in time. Unfortunately, I wasnít as lucky with the rear wheel :-z Subsequently, it kissed the rock hard. The collision propelled me with such force, I spun around at some impossible angle & then actually went over the handlebars taking the bike with me (still strapped in).
I smacked down on the tarmac opposite the quiet country road, landed about 14 feet away from a rambler. Apart from bemusement, he didnít acknowledge me or the crash... (heh, people really do hate cyclists).
I only sustained a badly cut finger and numerous grazes but the bike wasnít as fortunate. When I got free from the pedals & managed to pick the thing up, the rear wheel was buckled & punctured, the right bar was bent inwards & right brake lever was totally shredded. I felt like an absolute shamed idiot -wheeling this destroyed thing home for 2 miles & leaving a trail of blood. I've been riding since I could run on a regular basis and apart from a couple of naive inexperienced motorcycling accidents, I've never quite managed to pull anything off as stupid.

Mysterious long grass aside, the lesson learnt for me - stick with mtbs
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I tried posting an entry here yesterday but got locked out of BF for 24 hours for some reason. Sorry.
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When I was 15 years old, my worst experience occurred when I had an epileptic seizure while out riding. I took medications to combat seizures then as I do today. Yet seizures can still happen once in a great while. Any seizure can be frightening as the one in the following incident had been.

I was out bicycling on a beautiful, sunny day on Cape Cod. It started out uneventfully enough on a flat residential street. I was riding at 20 MPH and all was right with the world. I was physically fit, at one with my bicycle, aware of my senses, and in full command of the decisions I made while moving along. Yes, everything was right with the world...Too right.

The seizure crept up on me but acted too quickly for me to stop the bicycle and dismount. Not only did I start to lose command of my limbs, but I was traveling too fast to apply the brakes. I was then coasting along in an increasing state of detatchment with no decrease in speed. I had to do something before I lost all control and wound up strawberry jam.

The best thing for me to do was find a safe place to get off the road and ditch the bicycle. Unfortunately, things got worse before they got beter. All of a sudden, I temporarily lost all my eyesight!!
I was still aware that I was on a bicycle and riding directly ahead but could see nothing but darkness for about 10 seconds. When my vision returned, I knew I had to find a place before I might lose it for a longer period of time. Ahead on the right side of the road there was nothing but steep rock face for several hundred yards. On the left side were many houses with spacious lawns and a few trees. Hoping for the best, I angled across the street, rode across the nearest lawn, and lost consciousness.

I came to with the aid of paramedics whom the property owner had summoned when she saw me crash on her lawn. I had a monstrous headache and had difficulty responding to them at first. I had been wearing a helmet that day and was glad because I had run straight into a tree. After being transported by ambulance to a local hospital and undergoing a short period of observation and treatment for minor abrasions, I was able to rejoin relatives with whom I was staying. My bicycle sustained no damage.

These days, I don't go out riding without making sure that my medication levels are at the proper levels they need to be. I haven't had a seizure for many years.

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Paul L.
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I was riding home on my commute past a couple of gang members (at least they looked like gang members at second glance but I didn't think about it until after). They yelled at me just as I went by and laughed at me as I jumped. Well, for some bizarre reason the testosterone was strong that day and I turned around and saw them walking up the road aways. So I started pedalling in stealth mode, got right behind them, and screamed bloody murder and sprinted. They jumped half a mile, they threw a rock at me but it missed as their reaction was too slow and I was too far away. Anyway, cruising down the road it occured to me that that was really dumb as I need to ride the route regularly. I transferred to another location a bit later for a different reason though so it all worked out actually. Kind of funny.
Sunrise saturday,
I was biking the backroads,
lost in the moment.
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2 come to mind.

As a teen, waiting at a red light to cross a very major highway. I'd been the first to arrive at the light, so I'm at the front of the line of cars. The light turns green, I go without looking. A guy had either decided to run the red or not noticed it was red. Fortunately he managed to slow some before hitting me, and I'd seen him coming and managed to unclip. He hit me probably going about 25; I slid up the hood, over the windshield (I seem to recall seeing his look of horror, but maybe I've imagined it) and up to the top of the car. The car finally stopped and I did the same routine in reverse, landing on top of the bike. Amazingly, no visible injuries, just shock and a concussion. Lesson learned: always check the light for oncoming traffic before pulling out.

December of 05, I decided to ride in to work on a day where the temp was around 35 and it had rained the day before. I hit a slick patch, the bike went out from under me, and I bounced my cheek and eyebrow off the pavement (yes, I was wearing a helmet). Some VERY nice ladies stopped, took me to the local fire dept., and made sure I got to the ER safely. 11 stitches later, the bike and I are fine. I heard that there were 11 car accidents in my city that morning because of ice. You know you've done something really dumb when you rationalize it by saying, "The drivers did it too." Lesson learned: if the temps are below 40 and the roads are wet, work from home.
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Time for a change.
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Plenty of incidents over the years mountain biking, But one comes to mind. I have a bit more technical skill than most I ride with- and I am probably the fastest downhill. Up on top of the hills and some our our hills are steep. The trails though are not normally over 20% and We were sitting at the top of a hill waiting for the group to collect. I decided to take my goggles off to clean and knocked one of the lens' out just as we collected. 1 minute later and the others had long gone so decided to take a shortcut- Steeper slope at 30 to 45degrees in parts but I had ridden it before so no problems. Trick is to not use the brakes and get off the back of the saddle. Got up to about 40mph, but smooth grass, just a bit long. Just about out of control but heading in the right direction and a sheep stood up in front of me.Missed the sheep, but collected the Barbed wire fence. Luckily hit a post and straight over the top of the bike and the fence. Bike followed me and rolled on down the hill. No damage to me or the bike- But it took me a long time to find the bike. It had fallen down into a hollow and I had to call on the rest of the group to help me find it. Had a hard time explaining to them how it had happened because when I got to the sheep part, that I admitted I had no idea were on the hill- they pointed to the hill that had about 100 sheep all looking at us. I honestly had not seen them till one stood up in front of me.
How long was I in the army? Five foot seven.

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