No the book is not about someone spending 28 days in jail. It is about a man named Harold Wagoner who in 1989 took northern route cross country journey. He started in Seattle Wash. And ended in NYC.

Over all the book is a good story, and pretty easy reading and smooth flowing. But it is very, very, very descriptive. He describes everything that happened on his journey day by day and play by play, if you know what I mean. It is almost to descriptive for my liking. He could have toned it down a little.

Part of his description of his trip includes the fact that he took along condoms, just in case. And the just in case event happened. Which is something I do not care to read about. Another mans conquests. Especially single men. So this part of his story could have been left out, it would not have affected the story line very much at all.

Now he did have a girlfriend at the time of his journey. I don't know if she became his current wife or not, but if I was to take a journey like this and write a book about it and I was single, I sure as hell would not include in the book that I got lucky with a girl. Plus he also keeps saying he should call his girlfriend at the end of each days riding, he never did, not once.

And he also talked about and thought of women in a very womanizing way, though he never did make any comments to any of the women he met, (they probably would have slapped him). He did state though that he'd would have liked to bed all the pretty ones he met during his trip. This is something I think most women who read this story might find rather offensive.

He also complains contantly about the head winds. Its one thing to say you don't like it but its another to constantly gripe and moan about it.

Plus he called his daughter almost every day, to tell her he was ok. So of course she knew about it. But she was never home.

I know it seems like I am complaining about this true story, and I am to some extent. But the things he experienced did make the book very interesting to read. So I do recommend it to our members here who have not read it yet.

For those that have read it what are you opinions on it?

And I give it a rating of 2.5 chainrings. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.