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    Yet another pedal question...

    I need advice specific to me, so the old posts weren't
    quite what I needed.

    I'm a year round commuter, intend on doing a few tris
    a year, and I mountain bike in the foothills quite a
    bit. I just switch my pedals around depending. I'm
    looking for a good clipless that can be used for
    intense commuting and training but maybe is flat
    enough to be used as a regular pedal on trips to the
    grocery store. (weight is not an issue) I also need a
    pair of shoes that I can wear at the bar if I meet
    friends but not necessarily all day at work or
    anything like that. (which I think rules out the hard
    shoes I see all over) Perhaps a recessed cleat? I
    commute the most, train for the tris second, and
    mountainbike third.

    What would be a good shoe and pedal for me?

    Thanks in advance for all of the good advice!!

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    I use and would recommend a nice mountain bike shoe with recessed cleat and mountain bike SPD pedals for commuting, mountain biking, trainning, shopping and for the bar. I have Lake MB shoes, they walk great, but the laces are a pain.

    You probably want seperate shoes and pedals for actual triathlons.
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