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    Performance sells tire "seconds"?

    I bought some tires at Performance (retail store) recently-- cheap kevlar-belted Michelin 700s, 23c. I installed 'em on my early 90s road frame and found that the front tire was not completely round! Every rotation would make a little scrape as the lump passed the fork's arch...not cool. I'd previously had rather fat Specialized Armadillo 23c tires on the same bike with no clearance problems (though it was a close fit). And I'm positive the tube wasn't pinched or damaged, and the bead was securely on the rim. Wheel was centered in the dropouts just fine.

    I didn't think anything of it-- just explained it to the clerk and returned the tire. No questions asked. (bought a $30 Continental instead...)

    But now a friend tells me that Performance sells "b-stock" factory second tires, and this same problem is commonplace. Is this true? Anyone else have a similar experience?

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    Not had the problem with seconds but have bought Copies inadvertantly. I normally use Panaracer Fire XC's and saw some advertised cheap on mail order- half the price I would pay normally. Tread is similar- but different spacing- Tyre is heavier and the rubber does not act the same as the genuine. So I paid money for a tyre that I know and trust but is about as good as a chocolate tea spoon.
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