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    Yesterday's ride...

    The weather started off great. It was 13 celsius and it got to a high of 23 celsius and I decided to go for for a ride, I arrive at Assiniboine Park and they're had to be about 200 riders there( I have never seen so many tanned & shapely women (not that I was looking) so I continued to ride and I stopped for a break, and Boom my front brake stops working, the cable came right out of the holder near the brake pad, so I had no front brake.

    I headed to my LBS which was about 6 miles away and they fixed me up ( no charge by the way) In the span of about 4 hours the temperature went from 23 celsius down to about 6 celsius, the wind came up and man did it ever get cold, luckily I was about 10 minutes from home, so I was able to ride home. All in all it was a prety good day. my legs are a little bit stiff and sore as I may have rode too far but I had fun.

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    You never know whats going to happen on a ride but some of the messed up ones are the ones you remember most!

    In Canada you use celsius and miles?

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