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    back in the saddle again! ... but had a rough ride today

    so I'm recovered from my surgery and the doctor told me I could ride again so I did my first ride in almost two weeks today... my leg is doing a lot better than I thought it would be around this time and I'm pretty much fully able to ride like I was before the surgery

    it was a great ride... until I popped a spoke on the Paint Branch Trail. luckily I was close to my LBS so I went over there and they fixed it for me in about an hour (my LBS is awesome!)... stayed for their Thursday night potluck then went home... and got a flat tire on University Boulevard (which one of my friends who works at my LBS came and helped me fix ... my LBS rules, once again).

    it's definitely good to be back in the saddle but today's ride was pretty rough and a little discouraging... oh well I'm doing my first commute in two weeks tomorrow, hopefully that goes well
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