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    Custom Inserts For Cycling Shoes

    Hello all,
    Not too sure what topic to put this under, I also posted this in the lounge, but I was looking into a bike fitting system called wobble naught and he mentions using a custom heat moldable inserts for the cycling shoes. I have researched a few and they are quite cheap. I notice that in the February edition of Runner's World, they also had these inserts. The #1 on their list was Archmolds ( Has anyone ever tried them, if so, did they help with increasing watage on the down stroke and what is the general feedback. I am interested in trying them I just want to understand what I am trying.

    Ricky B

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    I haven't seen any of these products, but I do have and wear custom orthotics that go into my cycling shoesas well as another pair for my tennis shoes, or dress shoes.

    I have found with the orthotics it keeps your foot and ankle more in line with movement of your feet to legs when peddaliing, running or whatever. a proper alignment is essential in my mind for less injuries do to body bio mecahnics.

    If you pronate, {outside of your heel arera**, or supinate {inside of heel area** foot strike when you walk run, or pedal ,or you have flat feet, high arches these will help immensely.

    cost is around $300.00/ but if you have health insurance all or 3/4 should be covered.

    See a sports podiatrist, and yes they are worth the money.
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