I am stoked. He will be here as a guest speaker during the annual Cycling Double Header. Unfortunately due the shortness of staff at both my full and part time jobs I will not be in any of the events.

However, the conference center I wait tables at night is hosting all of the banquet and accomodation needs for the event. So I can be present for the evening functions, speeches and award ceremony but I will be in a tux attending guests needs. On the bright side I will be on the clock for the duration of the weekend. I guess I can be present and bank some more cash towards my upcoming Fuel purchase.

Also Trek's Demo Tour will be using the center as a base for their test rides and what not. If you are going to be in the New River Valley of VA/WV come out, its a blast. A fanatastic bar/night scene as well now that most of the VT students have left for the summer.

Banquet/Demo Tour is here: Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center 901 Prices Fork Road Blacksburg VA 24060

Some more info here: http://www.eastcoasters.com

2nd time today I get to drop the LBS. They have been super busy this week so site updates have been a little behind but they have some links for the events.