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    Trail Tech HID Light

    After a lot of internet research, I purchased my first bike light, the Trail Tech HID Light with 6 degree spot bulb and battery from I was preparing for one of the 24 hour mountain bike races and decided this system was the best value. I was considering a halogen light and decided if I didnít purchase the HID, I would always wonder how much better it would have been.

    I am very satisfied with the light output from this light. I feel like Iím riding through the woods with a car headlight attached to my helmet. It is really bright. I am glad I bought this system. The 6 degree spot seems perfect. I have not tried the flood but am very happy with the spot bulb. I was skeptical about the Velcro style fastener but it never came off. I had a little trouble finding extra Velcro as it is a heavy duty style, but eventually found it at Target.

    I did a lot of testing with the system in order to be ready for the race and here are my results. I purchased the 4800mah battery rated at up to 5 Ĺ hours. The longest my light has lasted is about 4 ĺ hours but usually averages around 4 Ĺ hours. That is about what I expected. I hoped that it would last the full 5 Ĺ but purchased the bigger battery in order give myself some cushion.

    This battery came with the Smart Fast charger and charge time is stated at about 3 hours. Mine has been taking anywhere from 3 hours to about 3 hours and 25 minutes.

    The light comes with two bare wire ends that must be connected to the connector to plug into the battery. Wiring colors and directions are not very specific. The colors are not as stated in the instructions. Red and white wires coming from the light. The red is the positive and must be connected to the white wire on the connector. The connector has a black and white wire and the white is the positive. If you cut the wire it has a white center wire with a bare wire around it.

    Between the end of the light and the connector wire, I removed about 7 feet of wiring. I am considering removing the coiled section from the light because it seems so heavy and is not necessary.

    The original battery shipped with my light only lasted 2 Ĺ hours between charges. Batteryspace said to send it back and the replacement worked as stated above.

    I shipped my original battery back regular mail and Batteryspace said they never received it so I ended up having to purchase another battery. I was not happy that they could not find the battery, should have shipped with a tracking number.

    I purchased the light and battery separately and saved about $30 from the kit they sell.

    Overall I am happy with the system. Purchasers should realize that at a minimum two wires need connected, either soldered or automotive, crimp style. More likely that you will want to cut some wires as the wires are very long. The system is cheaper than similar systems but does require some customization.

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    Are you getting commission?

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