Okay, well.. I've got a Dell DJ MP3 Player, along with that I've got a case and it's one of those that you slide the Player into, and it has a plastic cover.. You put the case on your bicep. Well, I don't like the plastic, or the placement of the case (Yeah, I should have been paying attention when I bought it, but it was like $3) anyway, so I am sitting here, and it hits me.. *idea* so I wrap the case around the stem of my bike, and then I put the player in.. and my player has a scroll button that lets you select playlists, tis why I don't like the plastic, can't get to the scroll button.. so I cut out a spot so I can get to the scroll.. and now it's put in a nice place, and the cords' long enough so I can stand up still to go up the hills, and battle our lovely headwinds.

Surely I'm one of hundreds, who've done this.. but I didn't think of it till now.. and it works out nicely.. just thought I'd share, haha.. anyone got any interesting mounts for mp3's?