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    SPD/Platform multi-purpose pedals - interference with shoes?

    I have a pair of Shimano touring/light trail shoes with heavy tread - it's flush with the cleat. I also have a paid of Shimano M-515s for my mountain bike. I'm thinking of getting a pair of multi-purpose platform/spd pedals for my commuter, but I'm worried the tread on my shoes will catch on the platform-portion of any multi-pedal I buy. Does anyone have any experience using running-shoe style SPDs and multi-pedals together?

    I'm thinking specifically of buying either one of these two:

    the Nashbar Highlander and the Wellgo WPD-95B Half/Half.


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    I'm not fimilar with the Highlander, but I have used the Nashbar Rodeo which appear to be very simular to the Wellgos you have linked. I had to grind down the three tabs on the front side of the platform on the SPD side of the pedal, but after that the pedals worked very well. Looking at the WPD-95Bs closely, they don't appear to have the same offending tabs that the Rodeos did. In any case, filing down the tabs with a metal file took all of 5minutes for each pedal.

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